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I do not now have problem with the Red Sox organization or players, nor did I ever say that I did have a beef. I’m not upset in the slightest that they’ve won 2 out of the last 4 World Series. I won’t be surprised at all if the Jacoby Ellsbury-led Sox win 2 more titles in 4 more years. I will even camp overnight to be sure I am the first in line to buy tickets to go watch another Farrelly brothers Sox movie starring Jimmy Fallon and Curt Schilling’s Sock about how Johnny Damon has rings on 3 fewer fingers than David Ortiz.

But it is you, the Red Sox fans that I beef with. Your comments on my previous Boston blog prove it. Instead of seeing that I was criticizing you all for being the Phil Hellmuths of MLB fans, you took offense to things I didn’t even say about the Red Sox as a team. Read my last post again, see that I don’t hate the Boston organization, I just hate that since you reversed the curse, you Nation members act like the ugly girl that got pretty during Summer Break, and now she doesn’t talk to her old friends.

But while we’re at it, you think you’re hometown products are better than the Yanks now or then? Your homegrown products are better than Jeter, Bernie Williams, Jorge, Andy Pettitte, and Mariano Rivera were during their 4 titles, or Joba, Phil Hughes, Melky, Robinson Cano, Shelley Duncan, and Ian Kennedy? Your payroll is 40 mil short of the Yanks? Does that include the 50 mil you spent just to talk to Dice-K? And you think your investments are better? I do agree with Peter’s comments, Sox players have a great spirit, but I think he’s crazy if he thinks Red Sox Nation arrogance is any different than Evil Empire arrogance.


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  1. Michael said

    I agree with you completely. Having had to suffer through the past 8 years, the ending of a curse and horror of a potential dynasty. I lived in Boston from 95-00 (couldnt have had better timing) so I know first hand all about Red Sux Nation. I like the analogy of the ugly girl who became hot over the summer, but i think better would be to say the geek who found steroids, bulked up and started picking on everyone.
    i just cant wait for the season to start so this can all be settled between the lines. good luck and GO YANKEES!

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