What up ya’ll, I’m here to breakdown the Big Dance for anyone who wants the truth. I figure I’ll take it step by step so I don’t overflow your systems right off the bat. I’m gonna throw out a list of sleepers, pretenders and contenders as we’re getting down to tourney time. Here’s the first installment, hope you enjoy.

Remember these names as you’re fillin out your bracket. These are the sleepers I got for the tourney. Sleeper’s are teams that are going to be double figure seeds, that have a chance to win a couple, maybe three games in the tourney. Obviously by throwing out my sleepers this early, there’s a chance that one of them might not even make the tourney, but if that were to happen, it’d be a traveshamockery.

The first team that I’ve really been vibin is Kent State. Not only is this the home of Antonio Gates, who made a killing for me when I made the genius decision to pick him fairly early in a fantasy draft the year he blew up, but they got some serious upsets in their system. As you’ll see later, they beat one of my favorite under the radar but not title worthy teams in Saint Mary’s. What makes Kent State a viable sleeper is that they have great athletes around the perimeter, as well as with their big guy in the middle, even if he may be a little undersized. They also have a couple great shooters to spread the court out. They may not be George Mason, but they have the chance to win a game or two and really create a stinky bracket or two.

This next team shouldn’t be a sleeper to any bigtime fan of college hoops, but I have a feeling they may still be (shame on you for sleepin on the best Wildcat squad in the nation!). Davidson has played almost every bigtime squad they have faced this year, which I believe is 4, extremely tough. In fact, they had UCLA down 18 in the first half at the Pond, where UCLA will open up the tourney for the first two rounds in Anaheim. They have a very solid, Jared Jordan (if you don’t know, look it up) type point guard and an All-American type scorer at the two in Steph Curry. The kid may look like he’s 15, but when you score in the mid 20’s as a frosh and soph at the D1 level, you’ve gained killer status in my book. They’re a little undersized, but if they are hittin from the outside, they could knock off almost anyone they face.

The last of my three serious sleepers is Rider. There are a couple big differences between Rider and the previous two squads. They are going to have to win their conference tourney to get in to the dance first and foremost. Once they get there though, they have something the other two teams don’t have. An elite level big guy. Jason Thompson can straight play. He’s 6′11″, can block shots and can score. Rider may lack the elite back courts that these other two teams have, but they also have an elite front court player and a bunch of guys (including his brother) that can play around him. They have the chance to at least win one game in the tourney and depending on matchups could make it to the second week.

Stay tuned as I bring you the next group of teams, those that many of you think can, but really, have no shot at winning the whole thing.


Your boy,


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  1. ruggedly said

    Nice write-up PJN… since your boys at NCC made their tournament at a record of 10-20, I’m not counting out the Oregon State Beavers from making a splash in the NCAA Tournament. They did after all win back-2-back baseball National Titles.

  2. march madness is in full effect. i love it, brackotology, upsets, and non stop ncaa basketball. this year i have not seen non of the three forementioned teams but i do love antonio gates on my fantasy team. as a avid office brackateer or at least gambler at work. so far i am 2 for 2 on the major office pools, winning the 07 ncaa tourney (win a commanding lead) and the 07/08 bowl games (which came out to a lsu beating the be-jesus out of osu) either way i take all the advise i can get and i will jot down kent st, Az, and Rider in my bracket. Thanks pjn

  3. Nathan said

    Gilmore obviously didnt read that closely as Arizona was never mentioned. I will however heed the free advice as well, as ive only played close attention to the pac 10 and top 10 teams so far this year

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