Mets hate Jose Reyes

March 7, 2008


     For whatever reason, the NY Mets are attempting to cripple their best player (perhaps the 2nd or 3rd most talented player in the Majors).  As an Atlanta Braves fan, I’ll go ahead and say it: there is no one that scares me more when he comes to the dish than Jose Reyes.  I know, I know, he slumped at the end of last year.  Big deal, let him work his way out of it.  Don’t mess with his head.  If the Oakland A’s would have told Ricky Henderson to make himself a groundball hitter, because he was hurting the team by trying to hit the long ball, then he wouldn’t have retired in as one of the top-100 HR hitters in the bigs, they wouldn’t have been able to trade him in a 1-for-5 with the Yanks.  In addition to making their dynamic SS a more slap hitter, now the Mets don’t want Reyes to have any fun:

     Right about now, Jose Reyes is wishing he hadn’t signed that 4-year contract w/ a club option 5th year.  This North Jersey writer makes a point that no one told Reyes not to celebrate anymore, but it’s obvious that the big wigs aren’t taking Pedro’s side and telling Reyes to just be himself.  Looking at when the Mets shipped Lastings Milledge to the Nationals, and how he celebrated leaving the club, because the Veterans on the Mets are so serious about ‘doing things the right way’ that they don’t let these young kids celebrate, high five fans, or even BE HAPPY (read: make inappropriate rap songs)! 

     Know why the Mets fell apart down the stretch?  Because while the Phillies weren’t in 1st before the end of the season, they were still having fun.  No one told Shane Victorino to stop being a crazy ass.  In the mean, the Met Veterans probably had Reyes writing on a chalkboard in front of the whole class: Billy Wagner is right, I will show more humility and stop acting like I’m the best.

Also just in: Billy Wagner thinks LeBron, Kobe, Jordan, Tom Brady, and Tiger Woods have hurt themselves and their teams with their confident behavior.  And wants them to show more couth.

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  1. shotgun35 said

    As a Braves’ fan as well, I hope it hurts Reyes when he’s playing against the Bravos, but he’s so exhilarating to watch that I don’t think I can root against him when he’s facing other teams.

    Shotgun Spratling
    - The Blue Workhorse (

  2. Sean said

    Knowing that Reyes is the only thing between my team (the Phillies, obviously) and the championship. I hope he implodes down the stretch, and the team ends up trading him some where far, far, FAR away.

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