NW Hoops musings

March 7, 2008


I’ve been debating with friends for a while over who will be the better pro of the 3 Oregon Duck Seniors that will get drafted. I hear that Maarty doesn’t have the physical tools, that Bryce is too inconsistent, and that Malik is going to be a force. Almost universally I hear this. I have trouble believing that Maarty won’t find at least a Luke Walton/David Lee niche. (is it terrible that I necessarily lumped him in with 2 other white forwards that aren’t terribly athletic, but do the dirty work that coaches love?) And I think with the reduced pressure of his team NEEDING him to score to succeed, Bryce will open the flood gates and be a nice little Michael Finley-type. I mean, “yes”, obviously Finley was needed to score early in his career… so maybe I should say: Jason Kapono instead.


Who do the Blazers need in the draft this year? PG? Specifically Darren Collison, Jerryd Bayless, another shocking early pick and Derrick Rose? SF? Danilo Gallinari, Tyler Smith, or Ryan Anderson? …or my personal favorite that might not make sense: Kevin Love?

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  1. Haveasoda said

    It would be very amusing if Love was taken by the blazers, VERY amusing. I think the majority of Oregon fans (the state not the school) who hate on him are just jealous, his dad on the other hand is a tool.

  2. Pete said

    Um, David Lee is really athletic. Just sayin.

    Maarty will have a great chance to make it in the league if he can consistently hit that outside shot.

    Malik may get drafted, but he, of the three has the worst chance of making it in the league. He’s stiff, he’s an inconsistent shooter from everywhere, and he doesn’t show the heart or desire to be the 11th or 12th man on an NBA team who’s only job is to come in and work his ass off for the 2 or 3 minutes he may see a game. Basically, Malik does nothing very good and to be a role player in the NBA you HAVE to be great at at least something, even if that something is playing as hard as you possibly can (God I miss the Junkyard Dog!).

    Bryce is a much more interesting case. He is a great baseline 3 point shooter. He’s athletic enough to play the two in the league although he’s a bit undersized, and he has the ability to become a great defender. He has a great chance to get in the late first round with a good end of the season and good workouts prior to the draft. If he can get that guaranteed money a team is less likely to cut him, obviously giving him a little more time to learn, adapt, and improve his game and have at least a shot to stay in the league for awhile.

    Have you checked out the draft simulator they have on ESPN? They have Portland taking Russell Westbrook. Basically, Portland needs to hit the lottery again and get high enough to take DRose, or they ain’t gettin what they need this year. Love would be a nice piece for them though. That backup post guy who can come in and do some of that dirty work and hit an outside shot or two.

  3. Nathan said

    I freakin love Maarty Leunen. Everything about him and the way he plays. I dont think everybody realizes that Maarty is the leading career rebounder in Oregon history.

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