What up ya’ll, it’s your boy Petejn back to drop a little more college hoops knowledge. Hopefully you’re all immersed in the week that is conference tourneys! I’m currently watchin one of my sleeper picks get drilled. If Rider can make the comeback, I’d love ‘em for it, but you gotta understand their second best player, Ryan Thompson, is out with an injury. I may know my stuff, but even I can’t predict injuries! This second go round I’ma hit you up with a list of teams that I feel have a chance to make it to San Antonio, but I don’t feel can win it all.

I love Saint Mary’s. “Yeah” I live on the west coast, “yeah” I get to see them play a lot, and “yeah” I went to their team camp in high school. However, for those of you who haven’t seen them play, they got a great squad and for a mid-major school have great depth. Patty Mills is a stud, straight up. Diamon Simpson thinks he’s the best player in the country and plays with that kind of attitude. Plus they have good size, good atheletes across the board (other than Samhan, but that’s a big, bad, mofo!) and they have a guy who has a bit of an ugly stroke but has to be shooting around 50% from the line (3-point line for those illiterate basketball fans) in Golden. If these guys end up as an 8 or 9, you don’t want your favorite 1-seed playin’ them, they might not beat your squad, but they’ll scare the hell out of you! If they can avoid the 8-9 seed, even if it’s a 10 or 11, they have a chance to make it to the second weekend and you never know from there.

Indiana-I almost put them in my prime-time contenders list, but if you get beat by 30+, forget about it. They have the inside scorer in DJ White, they have the perimeter stud in EJ Gordan, but the rest of their squad is too inconsistent for me. However, if those guys can put together a few straight games to go with their two studs, don’t be shocked to see them in San Antonio.

BYU is another team I really like. They play in the Mountain West and don’t get a lot of pub. But you shouldn’t forget about these guys. Early in the season they beat Louisville and played Carolina tough in a tourney in Vegas. They have quality size, they have great shooters and they’ve already proven they can play with anybody. It will be interesting to see where they get seeded in the tourney, but if they are on their game, they can make a deep run this year.

USC. I hate USC. They do have the ability to beat anybody though. USC has an extremely athletic front court, then start 3- 6′5″ guys in the backcourt, including OJ Mayo. When Mayo is aggressive he is one of the best players in the country. Taj Gibson is a force inside when he gets the touches, and Daniel Hackett is really their glue guy. They may lack the depth to go all the way, but they play tough defense and are very athletic, which is a good combination to have during March Madness.

Vandy is another team I really like even though they’ve been struggling as of late. Vanderbilt is a lot like Indiana too me in that they have two really good, dependable guys, although its the supporting cast that will determine how far they go. A.J. Ogilvy is a great big man from Down Under and Shan Foster can get that ugly J goin’ like few in the country. If they can get contributions from the rest of their guys they have a chance to make a serious run.

That’s all I got for now, but I’ll be back with a group of teams that I believe have a real shot to win it all.


5 Responses to “PJN’s Tourney Punchout…”

  1. Kolister said

    I went and watched Mayo play, and I’m sorry, I don’t get the hype. He looks like he couldn’t care less about being on the court. You do know your stuff, it would be more helpful for my Bracket purposes if you did a SWOC report for your teams?

  2. ruggedly said

    MAN, I don’t know if the game you saw him at was the Mac Court game, because I saw him play there… homeboy looked like he wanted to be taking a nap!

    …and yeah Pete, get on that 65 team SWOC report!

  3. haveasoda said

    Of course mayo doesn’t want to hustle (he rolled his ankle at that mac court game but wasn’t hustling before that) This is the guy who didn’t want to go to another program because he wanted to leave his mark on the school he went to, what does that tell you, LAZY. If you are good than you should be able to go anywhere and leave your mark, right? Mayo is just biding his time for the NBA. F’N’ A cotton

  4. Nathan said

    I think Pete is exactly on with Mayo. When he is aggressive, he is unstoppable. When they played at Mac Court he went down and stayed down like 3 or 4 times for ticky tacky stuff, like he scuffed his knee. But if anyone watched the Oregon-USC game at the sports arena it was a different story. Bryce Taylor got him a little agitated and he got aggressive and started playing hard and it got silly. He is a prototypical NBA player, decent size for a guard, and can shoot from the NBA line

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