The North East corner of the United States is always relevant. Even when the NY Knicks aren’t relevant, they are relevant because of their irrelevance. Beantown has risen to an epic level with Football and Baseball teams dominating their sports over the last half decade, and if the NBA Season goes as many are predicting, the C’s will be Red Auerbaching their way into Pats and Sox company.

The lower part of the Left Coast is never short of attention, hype and expectation with its Hollywood, Dodger blue, the Purple and Gold, 49er Gold, the Golden Bear’s Allison Stokke, UCLA Hoops, USC football, LA Kings, and most importantly LA Sparks.

But up here in the UL (that’s Upper Left Coast… I’m really trying to make it catch on… my efforts will probably prove futile), our calling card is inconsistency. The Mariners were on the brink of powerhouse-dom. Then exit the Big Unit, Griffey Jr, A-Rod, and we unfortunately had to accept that Edgar Martinez actually can’t play forever. They’ve contended a couple of times recently, but essentially ceded the distinction of “AL West squad to beat” to the Anaheim Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Southern California near Hollywood… in California.

If the Nationals organization had landed in Portland and we’d have adopted an Atlanta Braves mentality of signing young local talent, we could conceivably take the Oregon State Beavers entire team, and let them keep winning championships for the Northwest (just a thought Paul Allen, but really, make it happen… Ellsbury will come lead the PDX Vicious Salmons (?) for a chance to play for Pat Casey again). Until then I guess we’ll have to settle with watching our hometown, homegrown products take over the Majors.

The city of Seattle wasn’t ready to support an NBA franchise that didn’t have the Glove, Detlef Schrempf, Sam Perkins, and the Shawn Kemp that used to reign before the NBA strike forced him get all fattied up. Really though, not even Oklahoma City will support a Peter J Carlesimo led team.

Now the Seahawks are obviously dropping the ball as they’ve decided that one Shaun Alexander wasn’t soft enough, but now they should add the equally soft Julius Jones, and the ever-injured Michigan State product TJ Duckett. But returning Seattle native Jonathan Stewart to play his pro ball in his own backyard is apparently out of the question now. COME ON! Even Husky fans wanted you to draft that Duck.

It appears we could be on to something now in the 503. I clearly write a lot about the Blazers, but that’s because they are in fact going to be that good. The rest of the NBA knows it; I hope fans in the other corners of the country are ready. The only things that will prevent the Northwest from having its first professional dynasty: a repeat performance of the Mariners’ front office letting its stars walk out the door, the Seahawks’ decisions to upgrade through downgraded talent, Blazers’ management during our dark ages (Jailblazers), and the Sonics’ EVERYTHING.

Barring some monumental eff up by the Blazers front office, the ink should be drying on 3 Max contracts in the next 3 years. People can talk about Rudy Fernandez (whom I’d like to be as good as advertised, but am not sold on yet), Travis Outlaw, Martell, but bottom line, if you have franchise caliber players permeating your roster at the 4, the 5, and the 2, it really shouldn’t matter who fills in the gaps. Just be sure you’re not trying to fill those gaps with Rasheed, Kenny Anderson, Bonzi Wells, Damon Stoudamire, JR Rider, Darius Miles, Qyntel Woods, Zach Randolph, or Sam Bowie-types!

The UL’s fanbase is rising, our hype is rising, and expectation is rising. Look for consistency. Look up to find us.

8 Responses to “Blaze Nation: Rise of the Upper Left Coast”

  1. Pete said

    I’m all for the UL? (We deserve better than that Rug!) The Blazers ain’t gonna be on top til Kobe’s done down south though. Just look at their squad. They have the best player in the game, a great young center, POW!, Odom playin his natural 3 spot, and Farmar comin up quick at the point. They got the Blazers beat at every spot on the floor cept maybe the 5, but Bynum pre injury was lookin like the truth and no matter what anyone says, we haven’t seen Oden play a minute in the league.

    Man, just thinkin about those matchups though, the NBA needs to start pimpin those four games the second this season is over. The Blazers need a freakin point guard in the worst way though.

    But yeah man, we comin for the spotlight out here!

  2. petejn said

    Haha, have you seen the “official Greg Oden nickname contest” on yardbarker? The best, by far, Babyface! How can that not stick!

  3. ruggedly said

    Ha… it already stuck in my mind. The reason it won’t stick on overall is because Mike Rice would never say anything like that about Oden. HOMER.

  4. BeavBelieve said

    We’ll keep that MLB team in Corvallis thank you.

  5. haveasoda said

    I have always wanted a NFL team, but from my understanding oregon’s lottery is a deterent? (truth?) With the Blazers becoming better, I had hopes to see some games this season to actually see them and not their opponents. The blazers are so good in fact that every game I was trying to go to didn’t have seats available in my price range. This is unlike last season when you could get a ticket the day of the game when the opponent was the Suns on a huge win streak.

  6. Mike said

    I agree that the Memphis donation to LA is helping things for Portland. But I do think there could be a nice rivalry between these two teams in the coming years. I’m buying my lotto ticket, and hoping that Derrick Rose falls in our lap. Seriously, if that happens even LA fans will piss themselves.

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  8. Nathan said

    How can you include Rasheed, Bonzi, and Damon in with those other guys. They got into a little trouble, but Rasheed is my favorite blazer of the last ten years.

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