“Idol” Bashing…

March 12, 2008

“Idol” spent a bad 30 minutes yesterday bagging on a guy that tried to slam him for misrepresenting facts about NASCAR. Meyers prefaced this whole rant by informing us that he often flies by the seat of his pants, and abandons his plan by the second hour, so he gets a LOT of e-mails correcting him, and he’s fine with it, BUT if you’re going to e-mail bashing him, he at least wants you to be right.

How excited was he when he FINALLY found an e-mail that was wrong!!!!

Summary: He gets a LOT of e-mails slamming/correcting him, but finally found ONE that was wrong, so he had to go on a 30+ minute rant about how this guy was wrong.

also: What kind of people are these that he’s proving wrong?: Yesterday he spent 15 minutes or so talking with a guy that he had to convince that an NCAA berth IS better than winning the NIT.

Like my buddy Mike said, “Idol” perpetually decreases his credibility by talking to jokers like this, and LT.

3 Responses to ““Idol” Bashing…”

  1. Mike said

    Did you hear Dan Patrick the other day??!!! TJ put his cell phone to the radio so I could hear a bit. I guess DP was making fun of the “Idols” vasectomy commercial on the radio. How bad do you have to be to have a national radio host bash you. DP’s like Portland’s ripcity, so I guess Springfield is snipcity. I told TJ to try and download it for me. Because I need to hear the whole thing. OMG!!!

  2. Haveasoda said

    I liked the vasectomy commercial, I found it amusing, but a little long.

  3. Nathan said

    I obviously havent heard him for months for obvious reasons, but it seems like every body who used to call in was a total hick with an iq of like 72, just bordering on the edge of mental redardation but not quite there. And then they always end up giving in to Idol, almost succeeding to him because he has must have superior knowledge. But the reality is, this is just a guy, who likes sports and has an opinion, he got lucky and won some contests and now he gets to talk in Eugene for 3 hours a day. I have access to the same information he does if I want to waste my time, its called the internet. He does not have inside sources, connections, or probably any friends for that matter. I only used to listen to the show so he could piss me off. I think the concept of a local show is brilliant, becuase I used to care alot about the local topics he would talk about. But if you listen to the callers, it gives you a good idea of the clientele that he is reaching and identifying with.

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