Dissent in the UL

March 13, 2008


I know I am in fact a Pac-10 guy.  So is it wrong for me to doubt that the Pac-10 is as good as ESPN says we are?  We have 1 great team in UCLA, 1 really good team in Stanford, and then we have 3 alright teams that I think get way too much cred in Wazzou, SoCal, and Arizona State.  And why are we even still talking about Oregon, Arizona and Washington?  For all the times in football season that I complain about East Coast bias, you’d think I would just embrace generous praise… Oregon is just so obviously inconsistent and unclutch!  Getting a berth just seems so unjust… you must acquit.

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  1. Nathan said

    Esa, this is not your best work, first off Arizona State gets not pub, is not in the same class as WSU and USC in any way at all. If anything they are behind both Arizona and Oregon when Arizona is at full strenght. Just wait for the tourney time, i think pac ten will get six teams in, ASU will be out with both oregon and Arizona in. The argument is usually strength top to bottom, I think 9 of the ten teams in our conference would have a decent shot at beating a team like Tennesee on any given night. I think the big thing with college basketball is the three line is way to damn close, so a ton of games come down to who shot better from 19′.

  2. J Evs said

    With it being March, we will likely run out of space with all the blogging going on, but let’s be honest, there’s going to be a lot to talk about. I would like to talk namely about one thing; college basketball players that make a name for themselves over the course of one month. It starts for them with championship week and carries right on into the tourney. (and we’re not talking NIT) It proves to be the best job interview some of these athletes will ever get. One such young man, Jerel McNeal for Marquette. Didn’t even know who he was prior to last night, and then he caught my attention with one glass cleaning rebound that turned into an entire night of “can’t stop watching this guy” viewership. He made tough play after tough play in carrying Marquette through the early round of the Big East championship tournament. Regardless of what happens to Marquette, and Jerel McNeal for that matter, he was captivating for one night, and a large portion of America was watching. Here’s to Jerel McNeal, living his hoop dream.

  3. Mike said

    Although I agree that Oregon and Arizona deserve tourney shots, I strongly dissagree that these teams could beat a team like Tennesse on any given night. UCLA is there, Stanford is close, I think WAZU plays good enough defense to compete, and USC has the athletic ability to beat many teams on a good night. Arizona has Bayless, but if you put an athletic/quick defender on him, he would be forced to go to his left, where he’s not as effective. Oregon doesn’t have the killer instinct to get past a tough test on the road (minus Kansas State). Wash, Arizona St., Cal, don’t even think about it.

    Yes Arizona St. has been getting some talk, but that was just bubble talk. And frankly 18 wins in a power conference should give you some bubble talk. Also, some pub needs to be expressed in the improvement this team has made since last year.

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