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While all the world will be focusing on March Madness this month, then the NBA Play-offs and Finals [assuming they're not of the Spurs vs. Cavaliers snooze-fest variety], I will be wildly working away at providing you with pertinent information on the NFL and the goings on within [or as best I can for not having that kind of access]. All of my analyses will be in an effort to help you get your story straight for the upcoming season. If you haven’t noticed, teams are currently making moves and game-planning for this year’s draft. I plan on bringing to you a post ‘07-’08 wrap-up with looks to the future, a post draft/free agency wrap-up, a pre-season outlook and some sure bets for all those fantasy football teams you manage [I know you have at least 2 ;-) ]. At the end of the day (read: season), you’ll be able to look back and say, “You know what, that guy on the blog sure had some insightful advice” or you might find yourself saying, “Hey! That douche really screwed me with all his so-called ‘analyses’… douche.” Either way, it’ll be a learning and growing experience for us all.

Hope to be reading you all soon. :-)

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