First of all, we gotta change this UL, there has to be something better than that, Esa, get on it!

So, as this week has gone on, there have been some upsets, some beat downs, some coaches calling a timeout with 2:04 left in the game, with their team down 4, and walking into the locker room for the duration of the timeout, and some more horrible officiating. Where to begin…?

Oh, how ’bout this. Ernie Kent, the beloved Oregon coach (at least by me) calls a timeout with Oregon fighting for their tourney lives with 2 minutes and 4 seconds left in the game, his team down by 4 points at this time I believe. What does Ernesto proceed to do you ask? Does he, draw up a quick hitting play for his team? No. Does he talk about what type of defense he wants his guys to get into? No. He gimps his butt out of the arena, back down a hallway and comes back out to the court just as the timeout ends. Are you freaking kidding me! Ernie, I desperately want you to keep your job, but pullin stunts like this can’t help your cause any. Honestly, can you imagine Ben Howland, Coach K, Roy, Pitino, a respectable 3A high school coach, just walking off the court in crunch time when you’re coaching for your job? Ridiculous. I assume this guy had to “relieve himself” and no Husky fans, I’m not talkin’ about what you’re thinkin, I mean the bathroom. Dude, hold it, you’re coaching for your job. Just sayin’.

Hey Cal, shut up.

Can the Pac-10 fire the conference commissioner, fire the head of officiating, and start from scratch? Is this a possibility? Probably not, but that would be a great idea if at all possible. The Lawrence Hill foul in the UCLA-Stanford game was probably a bad call (what, did you actually expect me to admit it was bad, you know where my allegiances stand). There could have been a question as to whether the Josh Shipp shot went over the backboard, although Ryan Anderson needs to hit the weight room and shut his mouth. Be strong with the ball if you’re “expecting” to be fouled. However, the over the back call on Jeff Pendergraph yesterday really takes the cake. The man follows a miss, jumps over TWO people, makes no contact with one of USC’s two 20+ year old freshmen and dunks it home to tie the game with 16 seconds left, only to have another basketball illiterate ref waive it off and call a foul. It’s becoming an epidemic and somebody needs to take control of it. Tom Hansen, you suck!

How about San Diego beating Saint Mary’s and Gonzaga in back-to-back nights to make it to the big dance. That’s a legit two nights right there. Portland State beats Northern Arizona to get the dance for the first time in school history. Way to represent the UL PSU. Also, tough luck for Northern Arizona getting to their third straight conference tourney final and losing all three. That hurts.

That’s it for now, but look for a breakdown of the teams with a legit shot at cuttin’ the nets down in San Antone comin’ real soon.

Your Boy, PeteJN

3 Responses to “Championship Week notes from the UL”

  1. Nathan said

    What exactly was Ernie doing? A buddy and myself were talking about that after the game, was he really taking a bathroom break with 2 minutes left in the game. Anyways, to get to one of Pete’s points, the pac 10 officials (basketball) are consistently some of the best in the nation, going really far into the tourney and getting some of the best games. Just a few years ago, we had an all pac 10 crew on the national championship game. That being said, I believe it was Tom Wood, completely blew the call against Stanford. However, if you look back through Pac-10 history, when the game is on the line more often than not things go in favor of the home team, its just part of the game. On to the next one, the Josh Shipp basket was not out of bounds. No self respecting human being is going to stop the game on a legitimate drive and shot attempt because the ball edged over the side of the backboard by a centimeter. Your never gonna silence critics, the pac 10 would have taken more heat had one of the officials stopped the game and waived off that basket. Absolutely no way you can make that call unless advantage is gained, and it is in your face obvious. Bill Mccabe, who is the director of officials for basketball, should definitely not be fired as things have gotten much better under his latest regime, and they are weeding out the older guys who do it for money and getting younger officials who actually care about the game. Tom Hansen however, the Pac 10 commisioner is a complete moron, he is old, very old and all of the things of the world today are completely over his head. We consistently have some of the best athletic competition to offer, yet we somehow end up with the worst TV packages and scheduling deals. Lets stop being nice to Tom Hansen, he had a good run, but the world has passed him by, I doubt he even knows how to write an email or negotiate for high tech TV packages. Let’s give him a nice retirement party, and bring someone who will fight for this conference.

  2. Peter said

    Nate, what do you expect from me? You know more than most that I hate refs on a personal level. Not only have there been really bad calls, such as the Pendergraph play, that truly could’ve cost ASU a tourney birth, but there have been perceived bad calls, such as the Shipp shot. Whether or not these calls have been bad or just percieved as bad, I’m going to point this out, just as many others have, check out ESPN’s piece on officiating. On top of all of this, you my friend are a referee and a referee apologist. Whether you believe Pac-10 refs are good, bad, or average, you have to agree, this was a bad year for Pac-10 refs.

  3. Nathan said

    Pete, I read article on ESPN, if your talking about the one by Andy Katz. I think the thing that guys like Andy dont take into consideration are the lives of the referees. It poses a big catch 22 because its not easy to find full time work that will allow you to take that much time off during basketball season for all that travel. Because of this, many of the officials have to work basketball as their primary job. If you do this, the situation that Andy Katz points out is a must, these guys have to work multiple conferences and as many games as they can. After dropping full time employment, many of these guys have only 5 months of basketball and a few summer camps they get payed for to make a full time living. No matter what conference you work for, you get payed per game, and compensated very well to travel. So, its really hard to tell these guys they need to be available to work for 5 straight months then limit there games because you want everybody to be 100% sharp. What if you took a job after school that you really liked, they paid you really well on an hourly basis. All of sudden they said your production dropped off after 24 hours a week and told you they needed you to be available 6 days a week but you would only work 24 hours a week. You would probably have to quit that job, as it wouldnt be worth it. Same for these officials, they have to let the good ones work that many games to keep them around.

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