2-man race in my eyes… I’ll toss out some others just because.

1. Lavelle Hawkins, Cal WR

2. Tom Zbikowski, Notre Dame SS

3. Tashard Choice, GTech RB

4. Ali Highsmith, LSU OLB

t-5. Bruce Davis, UCLA OLB

t-5. Dexter Jackson, App St. WR

I know Zbikowski is ND Irish alum, and therefore trash, but dude is just plain football-smart. So when Jacksonville takes him with their second 3rd round selection to add to their already stout defense, he will be free to just be himself, help prevent Brady, Peyton and Big Ben from torching them, and come up on the run.

Hawkins is just the most underrated WR in the Nation. Desean Jackson gets all the love in Berkley, but Lavelle is the more polished receiver with absolute stick’em for hands. So when the Iggles pass on Jackson in round 1, but grab Hawkins in round 6, McNabb will have his over the middle, deceptive speedster.

Disagree? Who do I need to add?

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