The Bitter 48

March 26, 2008


Or is it the Sweet 16?

            It’s gettin a little played out to just blame the refs every time your favorite team loses or your least favorite squad wins.  Check the scoreboard at the end of the game, read it, and quit actin like, well, use your imagination.

            Gettin back to the actual hoops of the first action packed week of the tourney, how many people actually knew about Steph Curry before this last weekend?  I’d venture to guess not too many outside of Davidson fans and people who’s favorite team had played Davidson.  The kid, no wait, the man looks like he’s about 14 and just killed Gonzaga and G’Town.  One last note about the Curry family, Dell, good work.

            All four 1 seeds are still alive, although UCLA is very happy to still be alive.  On a side note, it’s nice to see UNC keep their starters in up by 35 with about 4 minutes left, keep it classy Chapel Hill.

            How do you run Trent Johnson in the first half of a tourney game?  Or, how do you get run in the first half of a tourney game as the head coach of a team?  Either way, both parties should be ashamed.

            Duke made another early departure from the tourney.  Then Joe Alexander said they’d get pimp slapped if they played in the Big East.  That was fun.

            We had a couple first round buzzer beaters which is always fun.  That Western Kentucky shot was sick too.  Like 28 feet out with three guys in his face….bottomsSan Diego pulled a huge upset beating UCONN in round one as well.  A lot of people had foolishly jumped on the UCONN bandwagon only to get their brackets crushed in the first round.

            How many people saw Adam Morrison during the Gonzaga v Davidson game.  Scary.  Seriously, the dude looks like a serial killer.  Cut your hair and go outside at least once a week.

            Pitt once again made a huge run in the Big East tourney, and once again made an early departure from the tourney.  Pitt should somehow convince the NCAA that they should get to play their tourney games in MSG.  If you think about it, at least New Yorkers would get to see good basketball played in their arena for an extra couple weeks in march.

            Did anybody else notice that Notre Dame was averaging like 82 a game, with their lowest total of the year being in the mid 60’s and Wazzu beat them 61-41!  Are you serious?  They were held to half their season average and over 20 points below their previous season low.  Wazzu probably won’t beat UNC, but the Carolina Blue are in for a rude awakening if they think they’re going to just blow the Cougs out.

            We did learn something about conference ratings though.  The Pac-10 was the strongest at the top (Top 3 teams all still alive), the Big East had the best depth (Regular season and conference tourney champs gone, but 3 teams still alive including a 12 seed), and the ACC was once again overrated.

            In my opinion, it was a great week 1 of the tourney, and I’m glad we get it started again.  There are some great contrasting matchups like Wazzu vs Carolina and Wisky v Davidson, as well as some David and Goliath matchups like UCLA and Western Kentucky.  The best game might be ‘Ville and Tennessee.  In the end it’s shaping up to be a great weekend and the next time I talk to you all we’ll be down to the Final Four.

Your boy,

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  1. Nathan said

    Does anybody else prefer to watch paint dry than Wisconsin play basketball. They are the college clone of the late 90’s Utah Jazz. I found myself rooting agaisnt them last weekend just for general spite reasons.

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