With a 1.7% chance of winning the NBA Lottery, the Chicago Bulls now have first pick in the upcoming NBA 2008 draft. But now comes the question, what to do with the first pick? Without a 1980’s Trail Blazer management to pick ahead of them, screw things up and make it easier to find a Jordanesque type of team/franchise changing player, the Bulls will have to do this one all on their own. The last time the Bulls had the first pick, they took Elton Brand. While not a bad pick in any way, it didn’t work out for them. With that said, the two seemingly consensus top picks are Michael Beasley (Kansas State/Forward) and Derrick Rose (Memphis/Point Guard). Read the rest of this entry »

Boston Logo

At the writing of this post, the Boston Celtics are currently leading the Detroit Pistons in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals. It seems that they’re at home and playing that inspired brand of basketball that we’ve come to expect from them and yearn for when they’re away from the Garden. I’m guessing Doc Rivers brings out a whole new philosophy for the away games, “Save your best for your fans. They deserve and paid to be there when you play well.” Or something of that nature. Well, as one ESPN.com writer rants ranted, the pre-game speeches which we are only privy to seconds of may sound like this in their entirety. Follow the link, or read on below: Read the rest of this entry »

Soriano’s dinner

May 17, 2008


Alfonso Soriano is currently in the process of going Mike Tyson on the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Which is to say that Pirate pitchers are Pitt’s babies, and Soriano is Tyson wanting to eat them. Read the rest of this entry »

hook 'em

I like where this kid’s head is at.  He clearly has a bright future.

The last line seals the deal.

This is the day that Tony Romo realized that it was the beginning of the end. Happy Birthday Tony! Joe Simpson brought the clown. Seriously, would you look at everyone’s faces. Tony. Is. Biting. His. Fingernails. Dude behind Jessica is texting Romo as the picture is snapped: “Mo, this was fun while it lasted. I’ll go start the car, when you hear me honk twice, run!”

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Quick Fix for O.J.

May 13, 2008

Let me start out controversially enough to hopefully pique your interest, but I will not elaborate immediately:

“The improper benefits issue is a covertly systematic form of racism.”

I am NOT just rabble rousing, and I am NOT calling those people who are offended by improper benefits ‘racist’. However, we need to consider the young men whom are frequently at the epicenters of the biggest scandals. Because they are in fact just that, young men with eyes set on a golden ticket and a chance to deliver their families from poverty. Conventional wisdom might tell some of us that if the golden ticket were there at a young age, then it would still be there when a person were officially eligible to receive money.

While it would be hard to put yourself in those shoes, try to think about how far away that payday must seem to a teenage boy with the weight of saving his family on his shoulders. Read the rest of this entry »

And the Winner is…

May 10, 2008

So Maxim Mag conveniently let someone leak their Hot 100 (i.e. what sports bloggers have pegged as Derek Jeter’s little black book). As we’ve all heard by now, 6 members of Maxim’s list are all in the Yankee captain’s fave five six. So then the boys over at Extra Mustard raised the question: who has the better resume between John Mayer and Derek Jeter? Read the rest of this entry »

Man!  It has seriously been about a good minute since I’ve written anything on here.  Call it a needed reprive, call it laziness, call it the flu … whatever it was, it’s time to start breaking the rust off.


I was reading some bits from the Fanhouse, and saw that Buster Olney is reporting the MLB Player’s Union is investigating possible collusion regarding Barry Bond’s current unemployment.

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