Man!  It has seriously been about a good minute since I’ve written anything on here.  Call it a needed reprive, call it laziness, call it the flu … whatever it was, it’s time to start breaking the rust off.


I was reading some bits from the Fanhouse, and saw that Buster Olney is reporting the MLB Player’s Union is investigating possible collusion regarding Barry Bond’s current unemployment.


This just in: it is apparently collusion if people that are not interested in you, do not enlist your services.


     (Call me web illiterate, but I have no idea why this last paragraph always seems to turn all bold)  In completely unrelated news, I’m hiring counsel to investigate possible collusion by Tina Fey and Meagan Good.  You see, I’m a really good guy, and I know I could be a really good man for either of them (or both… at once).  I just feel like they are must be colluding to keep me from the role of kept man.

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  1. Haveasoda said

    “could be seen as prostitution” yeah I can see it

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