This is the day that Tony Romo realized that it was the beginning of the end. Happy Birthday Tony! Joe Simpson brought the clown. Seriously, would you look at everyone’s faces. Tony. Is. Biting. His. Fingernails. Dude behind Jessica is texting Romo as the picture is snapped: “Mo, this was fun while it lasted. I’ll go start the car, when you hear me honk twice, run!”

Sure, Nick Lachey’s left-overs expedited the process of getting dumped by gushing to US Weekly that Tony was her “future husband” (why do I get the impression this is the first time he heard about this) and that he reintroduced her to herself (sounds crazy).
Anyway, I really hate writing about celebutards and whatnot, but I feel like she is almost forcing me to.

Here’s the thing, I believe in second chances, but I really hate infidelity, so my little ruggedly insides go all Singing in the Rain when Jessica Simpson’s and Britney Spear’s cheating asses fall on hard times. Having said that, I wish Jessica every luck in not falling as far as Britney did. And Let’s be honest, we all fully expect to see Matt Leinart and Jessica Simpson hot tub pictures on within the next week or two.
This does have sports world implications too:
Believe it or not Cowboy fans, this was the worst thing that could have happened for you next season. You may not have liked Jessica coming to big D, but she at least gave Romo one woman go home to. Now that he’s single and Pacman Jones is in town, there will be late nights. Just like with Tank Johnson supplying the arms, and Roy Williams rippin dudes’ collars from behind, There Will be Blood.

No worries, I heard Jerry is planning on signing Team Chemistry to a $30 Mil deal after July 1.

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