Soriano’s dinner

May 17, 2008


Alfonso Soriano is currently in the process of going Mike Tyson on the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Which is to say that Pirate pitchers are Pitt’s babies, and Soriano is Tyson wanting to eat them.

Yesterday Fonso was 2-4 with 2 yaks and 4 ribs.

So far today, Fonso is 4-4 with 2 more yaks and 3 more ribs… and he still may come up to bat again in the 9th.

In summary, 6-8, 4 yarders, and 7 platers.

Pirates may just consider underhand pitching him and hoping he hurts hisself swinging out of the shoes.

*update: this just in… the Pirates didn’t underhand pitch the ‘Fons, and he hit it out of the yard again.  Admittedly it was a ground rule double, but that’s 5-5 now today.

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