With a 1.7% chance of winning the NBA Lottery, the Chicago Bulls now have first pick in the upcoming NBA 2008 draft. But now comes the question, what to do with the first pick? Without a 1980’s Trail Blazer management to pick ahead of them, screw things up and make it easier to find a Jordanesque type of team/franchise changing player, the Bulls will have to do this one all on their own. The last time the Bulls had the first pick, they took Elton Brand. While not a bad pick in any way, it didn’t work out for them. With that said, the two seemingly consensus top picks are Michael Beasley (Kansas State/Forward) and Derrick Rose (Memphis/Point Guard).

If Chicago had a choice (and I had to make that choice for them), I’d say they choose Beasely. Firstly, unless the young Bulls are looking further to the future and eventually giving up on Kirk Hinrich and Ben Gordon, taking another point guard in Rose doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Let’s take Drew Gooden out of the line-up and insert Beasley, who is said to be the type of beast you want on the inside crashing boards and putting up points. Paired with Joakim Noah, you’d have quite the pair of energetic and thirsty board crashers making it happen on a nightly basis. Besides filling the coaching vacancy, the glaring question is, “what to make of the Larry Hughes situation?” I’d say bring him in off the bench (if they are to keep him) and get Ben Gordon used to the idea that he can be effective as a starter. If the Bulls DO takes Rose, then I suppose that sliding Hinrich or Gordon to the shooting guard position wouldn’t be a bad touch. That still leaves Hughes coming off the bench but leaves you with Gooden, who isn’t bad; he’s just not what Beasely could potentially mean to this team.

While Chicago sorts that out, let’s go ahead and assume they take Beasely. This might give Miami at the #2 slot something they’ve been waiting for: The opportunity to take the ball out of Dwayne Wade’s hands. That’s not to say that the ball being in his hands is or was ever a bad thing in any way (it’s not, it’s actually a glorious thing when he’s on). But let’s go ahead and say the Heat has a shot at Rose and takes him. What they can do now is let Rose run the point and allow Wade to roam the floor as a shooting guard. Wade can then focus more on creating without the ball and he now gets to share the burden of guiding a team rather than trying to do it all himself and petering out at crucial periods during games and the season. A more rested, healthy Wade is a better Wade, a more dangerous Wade. I think we can all agree on that. Assuming the Heat fix the other glaring holes in their rotation, they could really free themselves up for a looser offense, one that doesn’t see Ricky Davis jack up shot after shot.

This is all assuming that the NBA doesn’t necessarily work like the NFL and the presumed “best player(s)” won’t slip in the draft. But, the world and drafts are full of surprises and trades so anything can happen. Memphis and New Jersey have interesting possible outcomes with two picks in the 1st round if I’m not mistaken (Memphis via L.A. Lakers & New Jersey via Dallas). Lastly, Minnesota gets to take a long look at their roster and assess their needs. They’re on the clock now at the #3. What ever should those Timberwolves do? They’ve got plenty of options from this point on…

Minnesota, you’re on the clock!

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  1. Pete said

    Chicago’s gonna take Rose for two reasons. 1) He’s better and will have a much bigger impact in the league. 2)Beasley measured in at 6′6 1/2″ at pre draft camp.

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