It’s too cliche to say, “I’ll be the first to admitt when I’m wrong”.  That’s just a way for people to try and be right when everyone who is paying attention already knows they’re wrong.  Like: “Ooo, I’m embarassed that everyone knows I’m an idiot, so I’ll try to seem humble by acknowledging I was in the wrong after I announce my humbleness to everyone.”

Well, I’m an idiot.  Rudy Fernandez is sick-a-licious.  I dogged him for a while back when Mike Rice was creaming his shorts over Rudy’s youTube videos.  But after watching him POwn the best competition in the world at the Olympics (albeit for only like 6 games), I got chills.

My buddy C’Ron that works for the Blazers told me not to be a victim of the moment, and that Rudy still has a lot of work to do.  That’s fair, I’m sure everyone has a lot of work to do.  But in fairness, Kobe abuses everyone, so it’s not as though Rudy’s inability to stop KB24 down the stretch is a glaring weakness.  So I can’t help it: I am unquestionably a victim of moments like these…

I know that C’Ron is just big on coach speak and like any smart person he isn’t putting his horsies behind the cart, but’s Steve Aschburner isn’t coach speaking, he’s just advising people not to expect a deep playoff run by these young Blazers… because they’re too young.  Well Steve, I’m sorry, I’m a victim of Olympic moments like Rudy’s, and I’m a victim of Gregor-Mania, and I’m a victim of iRoy–the All-Star yet to realize his full potential, and I’m a victim of Vegas Summer League MVP Jerryd Bayless and his USA Select Teammate and fellow Blazer LaMarcus Aldridge.  All that said, Sports writers are lame, they won’t say anything new until its old.  For example, no one thought the young Utah Jazz could run to the Conference finals 2 years back, but all of the sudden at an average age 0.37 years older than the Blazers, the Jazz are old enough for writers to annoint the class of the Northwest, and perennial challengers to the Crown of the West.

I’m preaching to the choir, I know.  Everyone that would bother to read  this noise already thinks Brandon Roy is ascending to NBA greatness, Greg Oden will be the 2nd coming of Bill Russell, and the Blazers reunion with the Finals is just a waiting formality.  I just sorta think that come next May/June Steve Aschburner will be the first to admit he was wrong about youth holding back this young Blaze Squad.

Yeah I’m a victim of expectations and hype, but on everything, the Association is about to be victim to iRoy, LaMarcus, Gregor, Jerryd, Rudy, Outlaw and co. on the steady regular for a long time to come.

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  1. Pete said

    Alright, so I’ve been going back and forth on the Blazers for awhile now. Clearly they should be a playoff team this next year, but just how good are they going to be. This is a team with good depth all the way through, but point guard play and dare I say experience do actually mean something in the association.

    I know everyone likes Bayless, but I just don’t think he’s gonna be a great fit on this team. What the Blazers needed at the pg slot was a guy who defends, doesn’t need the ball, and can deliver the ball to guys in the right spot at the right time. Bayless is a scorer, a sick one at that, but that’s not what they needed. He does his best work with the ball in his hands and attacking. The Blazers need Roy to have the ball in his hands, a lot. It will be interesting to see how the backcourt situation plays itself out. I personally think the Blazers best lineup could end up being, roy rudy outlaw lamarcus oden, damn, that is a sick 5 right there.

    Anyhow, I’m sure they’re a playoff team, but LA, if Bynum comes back healthy, is the class of the west, the Hornets and the Jazz will both be very good, and the Rockets could be a wildcard if Ron can control his crazy ass this year. The West will once again be ridiculous and I hope the Blazers start making there move up the power rankings in the next couple years.

    On a completely unrelated topic, Anthony Kim is freakin awesome!

  2. Pete said

    Let me make a second comment here.

    Esa, you remember when I linked you up to the ESPN mock draft simulator when they had Russ going to the Blazers? Man, think if the Blazers could have landed that guy. Seriously, Westy would’ve been such a perfect fit for this Blazer squad that it’s not even funny. He’s a feak athlete, he plays serious defense, and his offensive game is all about finding creases and collapsing defenses.

    On a related note, I think the Blazers could be kicking themselves for A, drafting Batum (who I admit I loved at the time) and not looking at Mario Chalmers. That guy killed in the summer league and really looks like Russell Westbrook light. Although it would clearly be a little difficult explaining why you traded for a combo guard who went 11 then drafted another one at 25.

    My final note here is that you can expect a new post from me within a week. It’ll be a total sport rant, about who knows what.

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