Damn, it’s been awhile!

So I took a minute off. I’m back now so everyone rejoice. Clearly my Bruins broke my heart once again in the FF, but you know what, they made 3 straight, and 4 looks real possible heading into 08-09. Enough about the Bruins and college hoops, for now.

How the hell does USC lose to OSU, in Reser, twice in a row? USC has all the talent in the world, are a joy to watch on a big stage, but when the stage ain’t huge, SC don’t show up.

Speaking of Pac-10 football, where the hell did the playmakers go? This used to be a conference where every team at least had a couple guys that were a threat to go 75-80 yards every single time they touched the rock. The only guys I see like that in the P-X this season like that are Sammy S and Javid Best.

College football is starting to go the way of college hoops. The gap between the elite and everyone else is closing, quickly. One thing that seems to make a huge difference, elite level coaching. Nick Saban may be an asshole, but he has to be one of the top 3 coaches in college football right now. I can only think of Urban Meyer and Petey being on his level, and they may be a half step behind.

I consider myself a pretty solid golf fan. I could pry put a name to the face of almost all of the top 50-75 golfers on the tour, maybe more. I’ve watched a lot of golf over the past 15 years of my life. I personally watched Tiger Woods (on t.v. I should add) crush fields in majors, I’ve seen some great comebacks and chokes. I’ve seen a lot of thrilling sunday’s over the years. I’ve never rooted so hard, or been so pumped watching golf than the last day of the Ryder Cup. That was awesome golf and it envoked more patriatism in me than I knew I had. I’d have to say that Anthony Kim has a chance to be special. He needs to make sure he doesn’t lose that cocky attitude he has, and needs to keep saying crazy $hit like, I want to be the greatest player ever. As a side note to this whole golf rant, I’d really like Villegas too, but he never says anything. He needs to start talking a bunch of crap about Sergio and Phil and maybe somebody who never says anything like Ernie Els, and I’ll officially start taking notice.

For those of you who don’t follow college hoops recruiting that closely, be prepared to be disapointed in the talent level of college basketball this season. Last year everybody made a huge deal about all four #1 seeds making the FF. Well, of the 4 teams there, UCLA lost three players to the draft, including two of the top 5 players picked. Memphis lost the #1 pick and a couple second rounders. Kansas lost 5 players to the draft, two of which were first rounders and Mario Chalmers should’ve been. Only UNC didn’t lose anyone significant (sorry Stepheson). They will be a massive preseason #1 and favorite to win the title. However, they lack major talent. Yes Hansbrogh will again be the NPOY, but he’s not a major NBA talent. Nobody on their roster will be a top 15-20 pick other than Lawson, who may land in this area, but isn’t an elite level NBA prospect. For this reason, I’m not as quick to label UNC as such a huge favorite. UCONN has the most NBA talent of anyone, but they may have a couple issues as far as guys, lets say, getting arrested, or flunking out of school. But if there aren’t any other issues, they’re my choice for the title. Well other than UCLA, obviously.

I’m 25. My favorite NFL team has been the Bengals since I was about 4 or 5. Man, I wish my parents bought me a Cowboy’s helmet for Christmas that year instead of damn Bengals helmet.

The older I get, the more I enjoy baseball. The Red Sox-Angels series is going to be an epic wild card series. Especially since the Sox are gonna win it and the Angels are gonna bitch some more about how the playoffs are set up. Man, I love the fact that the Yankees haven’t mattered in years. The Rays are going to lose in the first round, book it. The Cubs, well, they’re the Cubs, not the Red Sox. At least they don’t have to play the CC’s in the first round. Although they do have to face the Manny’s. Damn, the AL lost some serious talent to some middle tier NL teams at the deadline.

If anybody read all of this, you’re crazy. I’m not even going to read back over what I just wrote, it’s way too long. I’ll be back in the bloggery soon though, and hopefully with less time or energy.

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  1. ESA said

    I did read all the way through, yes I’m crazy, and no the Sox (Red ones) won’t win it all. Well, at least not these Red Sox. I like Joe Torre to bring the Ex-Sox into Boston to win it.

    I can’t believe you want to be a Cowboy fan. It just really makes me want to hate you.

    I always appreciate your insight on recruiting, because I have no idea. What about the highest paid prep free agent on the market? Does Oregon have a chance to land him? What about Petino’s boys?

    re: the Ryder Cup

    That was sick. How do ya like Phil being a mentor to Anthony Kim? Kid was serious showtime. What does it say about Eldric that USA did better without him than they do with him? And that was with Lee Westwood, Sergio and Padrag playing some of the best golf of their careers?

    For college pigskin, how about South Florida and Penn St to fall this week, and Texas to play for the national title?

  2. Pete said

    I’m pretty sure that unless Texas has Superman on their sideline, they can’t beat Oak-La-Homa. Seriously.

    Phil didn’t mentor AK, he sucked. The US won despite Phil and without Tiger. In two years, we’re gonna march into Europe (well, actually Tiger and Phil will fly in their private jets and the rest of the guys will fly commercial) and Tiger’s gonna lead us to another rousing beatdown of those dirty Euro’s!

    I don’t WANT to be a Cowboy fan. I hate those dirtbags. I was just sayin that my NFL experience over the past two decades sure would’ve been a heck of a lot more fun. Seriously, Aikman was a freakin Bruin man.

    The NL is weak, nobody from the NL can touch the Sox.

    John Wall’s recruitment is strange. For awhile it sounded like the highest bidder was going to win the sweepstakes. At this point it sounds like he’s leaning towards going to an actual power in Kansas or Memphis. Oregon’s recruiting for the 09 class is looking real weak. However, that’s how it looked in 08 until they somehow managed to wrangle Mike Dunigan away from everybody. He’ll soon realize that turning down programs who actually develop post players to head out here was a huge mistake for his future.

    Joe Pa’s squad seems actually legit this year, they could make a serious run. South Fla did already lose today though, so I’m not gonna doubt the projection.

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