I honestly don’t think I’m overreacting, but after watching the game that Portland put on against the Title favorite Lakers, I’m afraid we might not win any games this year. Even more shocking is that Gregory Odester is probably going to go 0-from the field for the season too.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m ready to turn to our secret weapon now that I know all of the offseason hype was for nothing. I mean, now that I know Brandon and Little-a are busts this year and won’t get any better than they were on Tuesday night, let’s just activate Danielle Lloyd.

Okay really though, I’m still not off the wagon. I got tickets for 3 games this year: Miami, Cleveland, and the Minnesota Kevin Loves. Last night didn’t even deter me a tiny bit. Brandon obviously wasn’t on his game. Gregory’s 0-4 was compliments of his rolled ankle. (sure it was just an ankle, but he’s explosive and needs his legs right) Did you see him block Bynum? I’m excited because of Rudy’s debut. I think I’ll ramble about this more later.

If anyone is really in panic mode already, send your tickets to me, I’m still excited for our 45 win season and #7 seed.

I need to do a poll, are the Lakers and Celtics both going undefeated this year?

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  1. I saw the game too and it was not too impressive. It was his first game too and chemistry is tough to come-by first game in the season.

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