I’ve taken some time to relax now. Maybe our season isn’t over.

The thing is, I just got done watch the Clippers lose by WAY more than the Blazer just did. This would be an excellent opportunity to make a ringing endorsement for the apparent depth and dominance of the Lakers. I should clearly point out that they may well be as good and probably better than advertised. But instead of going there, I’m just going to marvel again at Baron Davis.

How could you not love watching this guy?

I was at Applebee’s last night, so I didn’t see his theft of KB24 live, but PeteJN had me quick on the text, and now I’m sitting here on NBA.com watching it. Kobe swings his arms out at the ref like he’s really mad he didn’t get the call, but he knows he just got ripped by a streetballer. The more the play develops, I’m watching like, ‘that’s really not Vlad Radmanovic again is it?’ Vlad should be the one swinging his arms out like he’s mad at Black Mamba. Kobe, how are you going let Baron get the steal again, and do the exact same move, and Vlad still doesn’t get it. 20 days since the original crime was committed, and Baron comes back like he’s a copy cat, Radmanovic none the wiser.

I’m only playin though, this clearly isn’t Kobe’s fault that Vlad’s lazy ass just walks up the floor. He’s obviously not faster than Baron, so it isn’t as though it were a foot race. Hustle down on offense or get posterized.

Anyway, Baron isn’t happy with his teammates right now. Maybe if Matty Barnes weren’t doing so well in Phoenix, he could come back to LA too, along with Earl Watson, and I’m pretty sure that Jerome Moiso, Dan Gadzuric, RYAN BAILEY, Ray Young and his calves. Most importantly, the Clips ought to seriously consider hiring Steve Lavin.

Yes I’m being nostalgic, but if there’s one thing I know about 1999, Baron Davis wasn’t mad at his team. …and if there is another thing I know about 1999, Tyra Banks was SO hott!

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  1. Petejn said

    Wow. I just read this article. I will not forget the Moose Bailey reference. Ever. Steve Lavin is alright in my book now though. He is clearly a nice guy and he wasn’t able to completely ruin UCLA hoops. Moose freakin Bailey, I’m surprised you didn’t add Jon Crispin or Ryan Walcott into this article too. Gross.

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