quinn1Just a short little write-up while at work:

Romeo Crennel wants everyone to know that starting Brady Quinn was his idea, and not the fans’.

He “felt like we needed a different dynamic on the offense”.

Say what you will Romeo, but obviously you’re going to come out and say that it was your decision.  What a worthless press conference.  No coach is going to call a press conference to say: “I’m really feeling the heat from these fans.  I gotta go with their gut instincts on this one, and bench my pro-bowl signal caller.”

“Sure DA had only thrown 1 int in his last 4 games, but when the fans started chanting ‘Bra-dy, Bra-dy’, I knew that Derek was the dynamic of our offense that was sputtering, it wasn’t League leading drop artist Braylon Edwards, our porous O-Line or our cardboard cutout tackling on defense making us play 1-dimensional catch-up all game long.”

Way to show your intelligence Cleveland fans.  Maybe it’s time to get ready to start chanting “Cliff, Cliff, Cliff” when Brady Quinn flounders, and the American League comeback player of the year could line-up under center this season, tossing long balls to Grady Sizemore.

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