Head of the Pack

November 12, 2008

romeo-demarsmallAs a follow up to my perfect preseason conference predictions, I figured I’d let you all know who will be walking away with the individual awards at the end of the year.

Just like my conference predictions, I’ll start out at the top. The league MVP this year, like the past two years, will come from the eventual league champ, UCLA. Darren Collison is my pick for a few simple reasons. According to the past couple years, winning matters for this award and Collison will do more of it than other worthy candidates. Once again he’s a preseason all american and he’s a ball dominate point guard. He also spearheads the smothering defense of the Bruins.

brynnFreshman of the year could be a real battle. Isaiah Thomas is probably going to put up a lot of numbers at UW. Klay Thompson might not put up huge numbers, but will be a key contributor at WSU. Demar Derozan will almost certainly lead the league in highlights. But to find the best of the bunch, you have to go back to Westwood. Jrue Holiday is not only the most talented freshman in the league, he might be the best player in the league. He has a chance to lead UCLA in scoring, assists, and steals if DC starts giving up the ball. Simply put, he’s just better than the rest of the freshman, so he gets my vote.

For defensive player of the year I decided to stay in L.A. Except this time I’m going across town to the Men of Troy. With UCLA playing so well over the past few years, a lot of people haven’t noticed the steady improvement at USC. One of the most overlooked and underappreciated players in the league is Daniel Hackett. At 6′5″ he’s a big point guard, and has been one of the better defenders since he left high school a year early to play at SC.

Here’s my breakdown of the all conference teams.

1st Team
Darren Collison
James Harden
Jon Brockman
Daniel Hackett
Jrue Holiday

2nd Team
Chase Budinger
Taj Gibson
Taylor Rochestie
Jeff Pendergraph
Patrick Christopher

3rd Team
Isaiah Thomas
Jordan Hill

Demar Derozan
Tajuan Porter
Aron Baynes

Freshman Team
Michael Dunigan
Klay Thompson

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7 Responses to “Head of the Pack”

  1. PamPakApps said

    Real question, if Holiday is the best player in the league, then how is Collison the player of the year? Is it because frosh never win player of the year?

  2. petejn said

    Like I said, Collison will dominate the ball at UCLA like he has for the past two years. If Holiday has the ball in his hands about as much as Collison this year, he would be my pick for player of the year. That won’t happen though. Just go back and watch any UCLA game the past two years and see how ball dominate Collison is. Also, Kevin Love won the player of the year last year as a freshman.

  3. ruggedly said

    What? Peter, a homer? no way…

  4. petejn said

    I prefer the term realist

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  6. Nate said

    Pete/Esa, is that the girl that Leinart knocked up in the picture?

  7. petejn said

    Yes, yes it is.

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