When the Pads demanded Yunel Escobar as part of the trade to send Jake Peavy to ATL, the Braves scoffed, and Peavy’s agent said Jake the Snake would be opposed because the Braves wouldn’t have a #6 position player the caliber of which was necessary to contend.

weeks later, as Raffy Furcal is close to signing, a trade sending Yunel Escobar to A Whales Vagina doesn’t leave the Braves absent of talent at the double-S.

…let the hot stove stoke!  Bring Jake Peavy to the dirty south!

p.s. I still can’t believe that Tony Romo picked Jessica Simpson over Carrie Underwood… does he also prefer slim jim jerky over tri tips?

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Boozer: Ho Hum

December 15, 2008

AKAs we watch Paul Millsap emerge into stardom in the absence of the injured Carlos Boozer, isn’t it about time that we start to ask if Carlos Boozer is that good, or is Jerry Sloan just running a PF friendly system?

Check the resume:

Karl Malone: the league’s 2nd all-time leading scorer, and arguably the 2nd best PF to ever play the game. Read the rest of this entry »

The boys over at SI.com have been doing a pretty good job of recognizing the Upper Left Coasts excellent cheer genetics.  I just noticed that they had Oregon Receivers coach Robin Pflugrad’s daughter Amanda as their college Cheerleader Of the Week.  So I thought… University of Oregon must be leading the nation in ‘C.o.W.’ appearances.  For the sake of those who appreciate them some lady Duckies, I thought I’d bring them all to one place, and present some future Duckies who we should anticipate seeing soon.  (if I’m missing your favorite Duckies, let me know and I’ll go do some digging)