Boozer: Ho Hum

December 15, 2008

AKAs we watch Paul Millsap emerge into stardom in the absence of the injured Carlos Boozer, isn’t it about time that we start to ask if Carlos Boozer is that good, or is Jerry Sloan just running a PF friendly system?

Check the resume:

Karl Malone: the league’s 2nd all-time leading scorer, and arguably the 2nd best PF to ever play the game.

Andrei Kirilenko: essentially a role player now, but for 3 years was about the most dynamic defensive PF in the game. (if you don’t believe me, ask my buddy Chad, he would have drafted him #1 in fantasy hoops)

Carlos Boozer: perenial all-star, all-leaguer, free agent snub extrodonaire.

Paul Millsap: TBD.

Outside of Kirilenko, none of these guys were nearly as special away from the friendly confines of Jerry Sloan’s system.

Was Malone past his prime by the time he arrived in LA to  stagger toward retirement? sure.

Was Boozer just stuck behind elite pivots like Chris Bosh, Dwight Howard, and even LeBron and Carmelo for Team USA?  sure.

Milsap has only played for Sloan in the Association, so we’ll see what happens there.  And Kirilenko as mentioned before actually had success before Utah in his international competitions.

…I’m trying to remember if I have a point… Oh yeah, Miami don’t waste your cash on Boozer in the offseason.  He’s not worth it, he’s just ho hum.

p.s. this is just a hilarious promo picture...

p.s. this is just a hilarious promo picture...

2 Responses to “Boozer: Ho Hum”

  1. ruggedly said

    having a thought… maybe Paul Milsap is just the 4th coming of Karl Malone, and will be an all-star no matter who he ends up with in the next year or two.

  2. Taylor said

    What’s with the picture of Kirilenko and the devil woman??? Anyway, Millsap is a freaking stud. The Jazz are having a tough time adjusting since Boozer has been out. The fact is, the Jazz win more games with Boozer healthy. But Millsap has stepped up big time and i firmly believe the Jazz can win just as well without Boozer by making the necessary adjustments. It might take some time, but they could do it. The Jazz have such a deep bench. I’d like to see Koufos continue to get more playing time and see if he can backup not only Okur, but Millsap as well. Koufos has some moves and he’s a work horse too. I just can’t believe how deep the bench is. Even with all the injuries we’ve been able to keep in contention for the playoffs.

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