Blaze Nation: Ty Lawson

January 27, 2009

Quick hits: now has Portland taking Ty Lawson.  They apparently think Portland will only draft a Steve Blake replacement.

*I hate Psycho T as much as the next Cameron Crazy, but I think Portland drafts help at the 4 in Hansbrough or Taj Gibson before a deficient PG like Lawson.


-I don’t think Paul Peirce deserves to make the All-Star game.  I don’t think KG or Amare deserve to start.  I wouldn’t put any Phoenix Suns on the West Squad.

-I love Popeye’s Cajun gravy.

-still on the NBA: LeBron James cries too much.  It’s okay for European players to flop.  Not okay for Superstars to flop and cry.

-The Florida Gators will NOT repeat next year.  (I think I want to write about that later)

-Obama showed awesome balls by walking outside of the limo.

tensie-I don’t get how UO Basketball coaches Bev Smith and Ernie Kent still have jobs.  No one has done more to ruin a successful program in the last 5 years than Bev Smith.  Bev got an All-American and proceded to bench her (left).  And no one does less with more talent than Ernie Kent.

Blaze Nation: Steph Curry

January 13, 2009

In completely make-believe news, I wondered onto tonight just to see where abouts the Blazers would pick in the Draft this spring (assuming they don’t collapse in the 2nd half again), and also who would be projected to go at that pick.

I keeps it real.  I know that is no sort of authority on insider info or accurate collegiate evaluations, but still… a Blazer fan who watched March Madness last spring, and one who likes to pretend that flashy, big time scoring PGs in college hoops would fit seemlessly with the most promising young team in the Association, this got me going for about 6 minutes.

09-draftAlso, note that updates this board regularly, so after a good game or two by Steph or Patty Mills, and it will be Jeff Teague falling into the Blazers’ lap.