Blaze Nation: Ty Lawson

January 27, 2009

Quick hits: now has Portland taking Ty Lawson.  They apparently think Portland will only draft a Steve Blake replacement.

*I hate Psycho T as much as the next Cameron Crazy, but I think Portland drafts help at the 4 in Hansbrough or Taj Gibson before a deficient PG like Lawson.


-I don’t think Paul Peirce deserves to make the All-Star game.  I don’t think KG or Amare deserve to start.  I wouldn’t put any Phoenix Suns on the West Squad.

-I love Popeye’s Cajun gravy.

-still on the NBA: LeBron James cries too much.  It’s okay for European players to flop.  Not okay for Superstars to flop and cry.

-The Florida Gators will NOT repeat next year.  (I think I want to write about that later)

-Obama showed awesome balls by walking outside of the limo.

tensie-I don’t get how UO Basketball coaches Bev Smith and Ernie Kent still have jobs.  No one has done more to ruin a successful program in the last 5 years than Bev Smith.  Bev got an All-American and proceded to bench her (left).  And no one does less with more talent than Ernie Kent.

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