Bud Selig has A-Rod envy

February 12, 2009

selig-milliondollarmanThe world’s highest paid sports commissioner Bud Selig is busy not earning his ridiculous salary again.

You’d think in a time when you league is already struggling with its image, and its busy losing the battler for young viewership, that you’d want for your brightest star to shine as bright as possible, ya? Well dumbasses, that’s why Bud Selig pays himself the big bucks, he knows that nothing says success in a down economy like slandering your meal ticket.

Instead of going a new route and providing a united front with the MLB’s Steve Austin (the 6 Million Dollar Man, not Stone Cold), he’s jumped on the media band wagon and pointed out how shameful Rodriguez is.

Really Bud, REALLY? Why not do something useful for once in your absolutely worthless tenure? Read the rest of this entry »

Bronx Nets     Call me crazy, but if you know you’re going to lose a perennial all-star that is still in his prime when he gets the chance to sign unrestricted with whatever team he most prefers, shouldn’t you get something in return?

     The ultimate sin would be to trade LeBron James of course. Read the rest of this entry »

Blaze Nation: Minus a Star

February 3, 2009

As I was watching the Blazers last night, a couple of thoughts were racing through my head.

CP3's groinI was frustrated that Chris Paul got hurt; you always want to show that you can beat the best.  I’m always happy when Portland picks up a win, but this little twinge within me was concerned with how NBA.com’s Power Rankings would evaluate a win in which Portland was completely dominated for 3 quarters at the hands of Chris Paul, but only really looked like a Playoff team once the Nola heart and soul was limping to the locker room.

A win is a win.  A loss is a loss.  A toll is a toll, and if you don’t pay no toll, then we don’t eat no rolls.

This perhaps puts things in the best perspective:

”When you have a guy that’s an MVP-caliber player Read the rest of this entry »