Blaze Nation: Minus a Star

February 3, 2009

As I was watching the Blazers last night, a couple of thoughts were racing through my head.

CP3's groinI was frustrated that Chris Paul got hurt; you always want to show that you can beat the best.  I’m always happy when Portland picks up a win, but this little twinge within me was concerned with how’s Power Rankings would evaluate a win in which Portland was completely dominated for 3 quarters at the hands of Chris Paul, but only really looked like a Playoff team once the Nola heart and soul was limping to the locker room.

A win is a win.  A loss is a loss.  A toll is a toll, and if you don’t pay no toll, then we don’t eat no rolls.

This perhaps puts things in the best perspective:

”When you have a guy that’s an MVP-caliber player, that so much of what we do relies on him, it’s a tough adjustment, even if it’s just for a quarter,” Hornets reserve point guard Antonio Daniels said.

It isn’t as though Portland hasn’t had to play without their All-Star/soon-to-be MVP candidate.  Remember that they beat the World Champion C’s sans the iRoy?  Boston may have been slumping at the time, but PDX played them straight up from zeros on the scoreboard until zeros on the clock.  Nola had a 17 point bumper last night and only had to hold it for 1 quarter!

Maybe Portland is better at adjusting without they guy they rely so heavily on.  Maybe this is a ringing endorsement for CP3 as the MVP this year.  His teams is 25 points worse without him.  Maybe this was Jerryd’s way of pointing out that he ought to be playing in the rookie game during all-star weekend.  Maybe this is just 1 game.  But maybe I can smell what the Rock is cooking, and Portland’s Trailblazers are getting more comfortable playing against elite teams.  And that I more than maybe like a lot.

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