Bud Selig has A-Rod envy

February 12, 2009

selig-milliondollarmanThe world’s highest paid sports commissioner Bud Selig is busy not earning his ridiculous salary again.

You’d think in a time when you league is already struggling with its image, and its busy losing the battler for young viewership, that you’d want for your brightest star to shine as bright as possible, ya? Well dumbasses, that’s why Bud Selig pays himself the big bucks, he knows that nothing says success in a down economy like slandering your meal ticket.

Instead of going a new route and providing a united front with the MLB’s Steve Austin (the 6 Million Dollar Man, not Stone Cold), he’s jumped on the media band wagon and pointed out how shameful Rodriguez is.

Really Bud, REALLY? Why not do something useful for once in your absolutely worthless tenure? Why not acknowledge the fact that he is at least be accountable. Admittedly probably not entirely, and only after being outed, but that’s more than can be said for some other ‘legends’ of this tarnished era. But you want to point out that Alex will have to live with the damage he has done to his name and reputation. REALLY??? We didn’t know this? We needed the highest paid commish in sports to tell us this?

Earn your money sucker; go out on a limb and defend Alex. He is the biggest draw in your sport, you kind of NEED him. But my bet is that you’re jealous of him for making more money than you, so you need to make him look bad instead of standing by him and aiding the image of your league.

Ladies and gentlemen, Bud Selig, highest paid commissioner in all of sports and class act.

P.s. If Bud has ARod envy, I may have Andy Roddick envy…

Andy Roddick's

One Response to “Bud Selig has A-Rod envy”

  1. Mike said

    I completely agree. I just wish Selig could go ahead and name the other 103 names, so then we can move on. I’m sick of guessing who’s juiced and who isn’t, to a point where I don’t care anymore. I don’t even view the “s” word as a big deal. People don’t talk about the amphedamines that were running rapid in baseball in the 70’s and 80’s. Cheating is always going to be apart of sports. We see this in olympics and cycling. Football, went through this in the 70’s, they’ve moved past it. I’m saying right now, I think a handful of NBA players are probably cheating. When millions of dollars are at stake, competitors are going to do what ever they can to get a piece of it.

    On another note, that sheriff in the Phelp’s case needs to pull his night stick out of his ass. You want to go interstate and bring Phelps in and try to put him in jail for taking a bong rip? Are you freaking serious? In Oregon, that’s about a $250 fine, but no Mr. Top Cop wants to pin a maximum penalty on him, because he’s a celebrity. All your doing to yourself is spending unneeded taxpayers dollars in a recession to try and make name for yourself. Will congrats on that, people will now call you a complete ASS. I hope after this is all said and done the county takes it’s boot and slams it into the back of your teeth, moron.

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