Dearest Steve Blake,blake-and-rosie-jones

Listen, I’ve really had a good time during our off and on relationship these past 4+ years. But I think we both know this isn’t going anywhere anymore. We can see that we’ve just been going through the motions lately, and I think it’s best for both of us if we just cut things off before we get too invested, and then all of the sudden one day we’re just two people stuck where we both don’t want to be.

Look, you deserve better than this. I’m not committed to you anymore, but I do think the world of you and I think you should have a fan that wants to want you. Read the rest of this entry »

Blaze Nation: baby steps

November 1, 2008

Yup, like Bill Murray in ‘What about Bob?’

I just want to say that sports experts are idiots. I hate jumping to conclusions, but it might just be accurate to call them all morons. No one (and I do mean absolutely no one) jumps to ridiculous conclusions like the media. PDX’s boys lost opening night to the Lake Show by 20. And instead of looking at obvious reasons for a less than stellar showing, everyone on PTI, Around the Hord, ESPN NBA Fastbreak, and even the home shopping network was quick to write these Blazers off as too young, not ready to contend, and a couple of years away.

Really? We couldn’t possibly have had a poor shooting night? It couldn’t be that we featured a lot of new players that are still learning how to play together? We might be young, but not too young. Read the rest of this entry »

I’ve taken some time to relax now. Maybe our season isn’t over.

The thing is, I just got done watch the Clippers lose by WAY more than the Blazer just did. This would be an excellent opportunity to make a ringing endorsement for the apparent depth and dominance of the Lakers. I should clearly point out that they may well be as good and probably better than advertised. But instead of going there, I’m just going to marvel again at Baron Davis.

How could you not love watching this guy?

I was at Applebee’s last night, so I didn’t see his theft of KB24 live, but PeteJN had me quick on the text, and now Read the rest of this entry »

I honestly don’t think I’m overreacting, but after watching the game that Portland put on against the Title favorite Lakers, I’m afraid we might not win any games this year. Even more shocking is that Gregory Odester is probably going to go 0-from the field for the season too.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m ready to turn to our secret weapon now that I know all of the offseason hype was for nothing. I mean, now that I know Brandon and Little-a are busts this year and won’t get any better than they were on Tuesday night, let’s just activate Danielle Lloyd.

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Expanding something…

October 26, 2008


Roger Goodell thinks that reducing the number of pre-Season games, and extending the regular season would benefit the fans. At least that’s what he wants you to believe. Look, I hope no one is buying that. Star players just barely make it through 16 regular season games. So in order for a 17 or 18 game regular season to work there would need to be an additional BYE week or more games at the end of the season for the star players to sit out of.

What’s ‘Ole Roger really got in mind? More all-time records can fall with 2 more regular season games. Either that or Lindsey Strutt here used her feminine wiles to coerce him to such things.

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hook 'em

I like where this kid’s head is at.  He clearly has a bright future.

The last line seals the deal.

This is the day that Tony Romo realized that it was the beginning of the end. Happy Birthday Tony! Joe Simpson brought the clown. Seriously, would you look at everyone’s faces. Tony. Is. Biting. His. Fingernails. Dude behind Jessica is texting Romo as the picture is snapped: “Mo, this was fun while it lasted. I’ll go start the car, when you hear me honk twice, run!”

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And the Winner is…

May 10, 2008

So Maxim Mag conveniently let someone leak their Hot 100 (i.e. what sports bloggers have pegged as Derek Jeter’s little black book). As we’ve all heard by now, 6 members of Maxim’s list are all in the Yankee captain’s fave five six. So then the boys over at Extra Mustard raised the question: who has the better resume between John Mayer and Derek Jeter? Read the rest of this entry »