First of all, we gotta change this UL, there has to be something better than that, Esa, get on it!

So, as this week has gone on, there have been some upsets, some beat downs, some coaches calling a timeout with 2:04 left in the game, with their team down 4, and walking into the locker room for the duration of the timeout, and some more horrible officiating. Where to begin…? Read the rest of this entry »

Dissent in the UL

March 13, 2008


I know I am in fact a Pac-10 guy.  So is it wrong for me to doubt that the Pac-10 is as good as ESPN says we are?  We have 1 great team in UCLA, 1 really good team in Stanford, and then we have 3 alright teams that I think get way too much cred in Wazzou, SoCal, and Arizona State.  And why are we even still talking about Oregon, Arizona and Washington?  For all the times in football season that I complain about East Coast bias, you’d think I would just embrace generous praise… Oregon is just so obviously inconsistent and unclutch!  Getting a berth just seems so unjust… you must acquit.

“Idol” Bashing…

March 12, 2008

“Idol” spent a bad 30 minutes yesterday bagging on a guy that tried to slam him for misrepresenting facts about NASCAR. Meyers prefaced this whole rant by informing us that he often flies by the seat of his pants, and abandons his plan by the second hour, so he gets a LOT of e-mails correcting him, and he’s fine with it, BUT if you’re going to e-mail bashing him, he at least wants you to be right.

How excited was he when he FINALLY found an e-mail that was wrong!!!!

Summary: He gets a LOT of e-mails slamming/correcting him, but finally found ONE that was wrong, so he had to go on a 30+ minute rant about how this guy was wrong.

also: What kind of people are these that he’s proving wrong?: Yesterday he spent 15 minutes or so talking with a guy that he had to convince that an NCAA berth IS better than winning the NIT.

Like my buddy Mike said, “Idol” perpetually decreases his credibility by talking to jokers like this, and LT.


The North East corner of the United States is always relevant. Even when the NY Knicks aren’t relevant, they are relevant because of their irrelevance. Beantown has risen to an epic level with Football and Baseball teams dominating their sports over the last half decade, and if the NBA Season goes as many are predicting, the C’s will be Red Auerbaching their way into Pats and Sox company.

The lower part of the Left Coast is never short of attention, hype and expectation with its Hollywood, Dodger blue, the Purple and Gold, 49er Gold, the Golden Bear’s Allison Stokke, UCLA Hoops, USC football, LA Kings, and most importantly LA Sparks. Read the rest of this entry »

Blaze Nation: Tomorrow

March 9, 2008


It isn’t often that a team that is 6.5 games out of the final playoff spot gets talked about as often as the current installment of Port Town’s Blazers do. I get the distinct feeling in my interactions with other Blaze Nationals, that they just assume Portland should be talked about on ESPN as glowingly as they are, or on TNT telecasts that don’t even feature the Blazers, just because we think that highly about our hometown boys. We should take the time to understand how out of the ordinary this actually is. Keep in mind that the #9 Nuggets and the #8 Warriors don’t get as much run as the #10 Blazers. That’s right, 2 teams vying against one another for the final playoff spot in the uber competitive Left Conference are apparently so much less compelling that they lose airtime to a team they are a combined 11 games better than. Read the rest of this entry »

I asked a question the other day that essentially boiled down to Portland’s immediate and distant future: Who should the Blazer’s draft when they defy the odds and win the draft lottery again this spring? Jay Kay everyone, I know they won’t pick #1 again, but apparently, a lot of people think the pick should be traded for a veteran presence. I mean, why add another young player to try and fill our current needs, when we have Greg Oden and Rudy Fernandez coming next year, right? Here’s the thing about that folks: this will prove to be a deeper, more talented draft than even ’03. A veteran presence could also mean an “old dog” to attempt to teach new (Nate McM) tricks, and though I’m sure a lot of you are reading about Rudy Fernandez, listening to Mike Rice give inflated praise to him, and watching his youTube reels, we don’t know who he is. Read the rest of this entry »

NW Hoops musings

March 7, 2008


I’ve been debating with friends for a while over who will be the better pro of the 3 Oregon Duck Seniors that will get drafted. I hear that Maarty doesn’t have the physical tools, that Bryce is too inconsistent, and that Malik is going to be a force. Almost universally I hear this. I have trouble believing that Maarty won’t find at least a Luke Walton/David Lee niche. (is it terrible that I necessarily lumped him in with 2 other white forwards that aren’t terribly athletic, but do the dirty work that coaches love?) And I think with the reduced pressure of his team NEEDING him to score to succeed, Bryce will open the flood gates and be a nice little Michael Finley-type. I mean, “yes”, obviously Finley was needed to score early in his career… so maybe I should say: Jason Kapono instead.


Who do the Blazers need in the draft this year? PG? Specifically Darren Collison, Jerryd Bayless, another shocking early pick and Derrick Rose? SF? Danilo Gallinari, Tyler Smith, or Ryan Anderson? …or my personal favorite that might not make sense: Kevin Love?

So I only listened to that simpleton Justin Meyers for about 30 minutes today.  Obviously it was 30 of the most annoying minutes of my life… seriously.  Let’s openly discuss his ineptitudes.  If you listened longer than I did, fill me in on how much more dumb conversation got.  If you missed his mindless banter, just help us bash him anyway.


re: Favre - Derek Jeter is the only person in any sport that is MVP caliber and universally loved, on the level that Brett Favre was.  Meyers made a point to state that it couldn’t be Kobe, whom “Idol” thinks hands down is better than LeBron (because LeBron is too young, and he apparently has some other things that are holding him back according to “Idol”), but Kobe is too hated to be on Favre’s level.  Who else did he shoot down?

Blaze Nation

February 29, 2008


No one wants to lose, that’s a given. But there is a difference in the losing as the Knickerbockers are losing, and then there is losing as the Rose City Blazers have been recently.
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Open Letter to Terrelle Pryor

February 29, 2008


Here is me: Duck fan (University of Oregon, not Anaheim).
Oregon’s Offense: Spread/Read Option; enticing to ‘Dual-Threat’ QB’s (read: good College QB’s ? unemployed NFL QB’s)

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