Blaze Nation: Ty Lawson

January 27, 2009

Quick hits: now has Portland taking Ty Lawson.  They apparently think Portland will only draft a Steve Blake replacement.

*I hate Psycho T as much as the next Cameron Crazy, but I think Portland drafts help at the 4 in Hansbrough or Taj Gibson before a deficient PG like Lawson.


-I don’t think Paul Peirce deserves to make the All-Star game.  I don’t think KG or Amare deserve to start.  I wouldn’t put any Phoenix Suns on the West Squad.

-I love Popeye’s Cajun gravy.

-still on the NBA: LeBron James cries too much.  It’s okay for European players to flop.  Not okay for Superstars to flop and cry.

-The Florida Gators will NOT repeat next year.  (I think I want to write about that later)

-Obama showed awesome balls by walking outside of the limo.

tensie-I don’t get how UO Basketball coaches Bev Smith and Ernie Kent still have jobs.  No one has done more to ruin a successful program in the last 5 years than Bev Smith.  Bev got an All-American and proceded to bench her (left).  And no one does less with more talent than Ernie Kent.

The boys over at have been doing a pretty good job of recognizing the Upper Left Coasts excellent cheer genetics.  I just noticed that they had Oregon Receivers coach Robin Pflugrad’s daughter Amanda as their college Cheerleader Of the Week.  So I thought… University of Oregon must be leading the nation in ‘C.o.W.’ appearances.  For the sake of those who appreciate them some lady Duckies, I thought I’d bring them all to one place, and present some future Duckies who we should anticipate seeing soon.  (if I’m missing your favorite Duckies, let me know and I’ll go do some digging)


Dick’s trumps In-n-Out

November 23, 2008


My girlfriend and I were having a small fight. Then we just started having a deep conversation. At some point we decided that we hadn’t had us some Dick’s in a while. So we drove on up and scratched that itch. Oh yeah, Dick’s is only located in Washington State, and we live in Eugene, Ore.

That’s right, drove 4 hours for a fast food burger, and then drove 4 hours right back home.


Anyway, I’ve never done that for an In-n-Out burger, and don’t imagine I will any time soon. Admittedly it’s a much longer drive to the nearest In-n-Out, but I stand by my claim.

Also, I’ve never had White Castle. Perhaps I should drive out to the Mid-West just for one of those.

Damn, it’s been awhile!

So I took a minute off. I’m back now so everyone rejoice. Clearly my Bruins broke my heart once again in the FF, but you know what, they made 3 straight, and 4 looks real possible heading into 08-09. Enough about the Bruins and college hoops, for now.

How the hell does USC lose to OSU, in Reser, twice in a row? USC has all the talent in the world, are a joy to watch on a big stage, but when the stage ain’t huge, SC don’t show up. Read the rest of this entry »