2,332 points - Mike Patsy

2,314 points - ESA

2,200 points - Gildo

2,117 points - Joshua D

1,901 points - Cam’Ron

Brown, Cosby and Harvin had phenom Bowl games for me, but in the end it still wasn’t enough to catch Patsy and his ridiculous QB’s.

Kudos Pats!

8 Responses to “Fantasy CFB”

  1. gildo said

    one question that i just now reallized. why does everyone get their temas logo and i get al davis. uncalled for esa. at aleast hook me up wit hthe shield or maybe “the swinging” A’s.


  2. gildo said

    patsy is 400 down. with noel and kelly giving him 200 points. drop those and your looking at 600 down. thats 2 pretty big players. the question is can he swing it.

  3. Mike said

    Ok, enough is enough. Update my score Damn it!! Allow me to take in the fact, that I might have won this thing by the production of two players. I honestly think my two quarterbacks have a combined score of over 1773, if not thin Maclin puts me up.

  4. gildo said

    first off, get that garbage spam off our site

    second, update the fantasy

  5. Mike said

    Wow, that was harsh

  6. gildo said

    what was harsh. hopefully your not refering to my comment cause that was obviously someone leaching on to whatevers out there trying to promote something else aka spam

  7. gildo said

    are we also doing bowl gmaes? or is that considered to be unfair?

  8. ruggedly said

    I was anticipating using the Bowl Game stats.
    …those stats count into the players yearly totals, so I don’t see why we wouldn’t.

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