Here are my teams…

just posting them in order of picks:

Computer Voice - Blair

Jonathan Archer - Nate

Whoopi - Rudy

Dr. Crusher - Snyder

Spock that - Trav

Trekkie - TJers

Michael Dorn - Fight Club

Sulu’s Ramrod - ESA

Mo’ Beta Data - Law

troublewithtribble - LeMartin

6 Responses to “Starship Enterprise”

  1. ESA said

    I started to make a poll… but my work won’t let me access the site that designs polls.

    Best Starting Pitching? Tyler.
    Best Relief Pitching? Me or Trav.
    Best Overall Staff? Blair
    Best Outfield? Trav or Rudy
    Best Bats? Blair (he will NEVER lose BA), Nate is pretty monstrous too…

  2. T.J. Woodke said


  3. ESA said

    How am I being a hater? I acknowledged you have a GRRrreat offense Tyson!

    okay, most bananas infield? Tyson.

  4. T.J. Woodke said

    Where does it mention my great offense?

  5. T.J. Woodke said

    After analyzing my team, I don’t blame you for not mentioning my team. I hate it and I officially give you the right to hate it!!!

  6. ESA said

    I definitely don’t hate your team.

    You’re just saying that because you hate Reyes. But be real, can you objectively hate any team with the offensive potential of a Howard/Reyes led team?

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