C Chris Iannetta
1B Prince Fielder
2B Brian Roberts
SS Stephen Drew
3B David Wright
OF Nick Markakis
OF Matt Kemp
OF Bobby Abreu
OF Coco Crisp
OF Randy Winn
OF Ken Griffey Jr.
2B Robinson CanĂ³
1B/3B Chris Davis
SS Derek Jeter
OF Vernon Wells
SP Ted Lilly
SP Yovani Gallardo
SP Roy Oswalt
SP Johan Santana
SP Gil Meche
SP/RP Max Scherzer
RP Joey Devine
RP Kerry Wood
RP Dan Wheeler

5 Responses to “DR. CRUSHER - SNYDER”

  1. ESA said

    Nick already acknowledged his deficiencies in the bullpen.

    But his bats are a solid mix of young, veteran, power, speed and high percentages guys. He may have the darkhorse of all outfields. His Bench is super solid, the problem will be akin to the Portland Trailblazers, too much talent, and not enough playing time available. He is definitely 2 deep with GOOD, not average, infielders. But you can’t play that many guys daily.

    Johan has a good set of relief guys this year, so his Win numbers will go up this year, set your clock by Oswalt, and Ted Lilly too really. Gallardo will be the X-Factor. If he’s good, this staff is probably elite.

  2. NPS said

    I think Lilly comes down this year because he was helped a lot by stranded base runners and a really low Batted balls in play statistic, which are both unrepeatable tasks in back to back years. True talent he was a little lower last year. Johan’s the man… Should be really interesting to see what Abreu can do in LA this year.

  3. Snuder said

    I decided to pretty much ditch saves once all these relievers started going way too high in the draft for what a reliever will actually bring you as far as category-by-category production. Half of these “starting” closers might lose their jobs half into the season anyhow, so why not wait in the draft, pick up some decent closers, then work the wire later on.

    If my young guys can live up to their potential I think Dr. Crusher could prove to be a formidable opponent because they’re all around .300 batting avg. wise (except for Iannetta and Fielder) and 7 of my starting 8 fielders can go 20 or 25+ homers….plus Griffey could go for 57, right? Right??? I still can’t believe I got Jeter and Cano so late. If anything they’ll be good trade value for guys lacking a solid 3B or 2B, because honestly, have Cano and Jeter really fallen out of the top 12 of their respective positions? No.

  4. Snuder said

    ..and I got Oswalt super late too…and Kemp…and Davis.

  5. Anonymous said

    Griffey Jr. is washed up and Cano isn’t even worth use as a stop-gap. However, I don’t see this team having trouble keeping up with rest of the pack.

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