C/3B Russell Martin
OF/1B Adam Dunn
2B Brandon Phillips
SS Miguel Tejada
1B/3B Miguel Cabrera
OF Alfonso Soriano
OF Shane Victorino
OF Carlos Quentin
OF Pat Burrell
OF Justin Upton
OF Lastings Milledge
2B Orlando Hudson
3B Ryan Zimmerman
SP Brett Myers
SP CC Sabathia
SP Tim Lincecum
SP Hiroki Kuroda
SP Josh Beckett
SP Erik Bedard
SP/RP Joba Chamberlain
SP Randy Johnson
RP Huston Street
RP B.J. Ryan
RP Bobby Jenks

4 Responses to “MICHAEL DORN - FIGHT CLUB”

  1. ESA said

    Speaking of the WBC, Tyler’s team did some bombing today. Russ Martin got a bit silly for Canada, Dunn went yard, Tejada went yard, I don’t remember what Victorino did.

    Tyler has production up at down his line-up, but like my team, he doesn’t really have anyone superior in the BA area to offset Dunn, Milledge, or Pat the Bat.

    I’m still with Snyder, I think this pitching staff is fierce. I actually hate Brett Myers pretty significantly. I think Joba is a fraud. I wonder about CC’s arms after going on 3-days rest so often down the stretch for the Brew Crew. He’s still young(-ish) of course, but you’re always “still young” until your shoulder is too old, digg? And I’m never really sure what to expect from Street… ESPECIALLY in Colorado!!!!

    All those things considered, I do think there are a bevy of NIIIIICE arms tho.

  2. Anonymous said

    Randy Johnson? He may still be a K machine but he won’t do much good outside of that. The bats are okay but somehow compared to other teams leaves something to long for. Joba was such a mistake.

  3. ESA said

    Joba is a mistake… for fantasy and for the Bronx. Why does Hank not understand the value of Joba dominating 1 inning 60 times a season versus laboring through 6 innings 30 times a season? …Oh yeah, because Hank Steinbrenner is an idiot.

  4. Anonymous said

    That sounds like an accurate statement

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