1B Mark Teixeira
2B Kelly Johnson
SS Jimmy Rollins
3B Chipper Jones
OF Corey Hart
OF Matt Holliday
OF Kosuke Fukudome
OF Jermaine Dye
OF Álex Ríos
1B Carlos Delgado
SS Orlando Cabrera
3B Troy Glaus
2B Plácido Polanco
SP Chris Young
SP Armando Galarraga
SP Wandy Rodríguez
SP Daisuke Matsuzaka
SP Brandon Webb
SP Chien-Ming Wang
SP Derek Lowe
SP Ricky Nolasco
RP Brian Wilson
RP Troy Percival
RP Brandon Lyon

2 Responses to “MO’ BETA DATA - THE LAW”

  1. ESA said

    I sure did lose steam in writing evals… I don’t think Allen will care tho. He probably won’t come here to read it. But as I was looking at his team (as I do all his teams), and I wonder why he really does always want to build teams with so many Asians…

    I hate the Law’s pitchers, but he has some pretty dangerous bats.

    …that’s all I’m going to write. Man his pitching makes me want to puke in the sink.

  2. Anonymous said

    This joker doesn’t even have a catcher. How are they going to compete one player down every week? This team looks like it blows in comparison to some of the others.

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