C Matt Wieters
1B Derrek Lee
2B Ian Kinsler
SS Troy Tulowitzki
3B Aramis Ramírez
OF Ryan Braun
OF Carlos Lee
OF Cameron Maybin
OF Torii Hunter
OF Jacoby Ellsbury
3B Edwin Encarnación
2B Howie Kendrick
1B Carlos Peña
SP Clayton Kershaw
SP Manny Parra
SP John Lackey
SP Félix Hernández
SP Adam Wainwright
SP Josh Johnson
SP Roy Halladay
RP Brian Fuentes
RP Chris Pérez
RP Chad Qualls
RP Heath Bell

4 Responses to “Spock that - Trav”

  1. ESA said

    Trav’s first 6 picks are great: no weaknesses for 5 of them, and Kinsler’s injury concern is the only real threat to production.

    Phenomonal value for picking Tulo where he did. Parra also was great value.

    After the top-6 and Tulo, the question marks start. If they deliver, expect to see Travis at the top where he usually is.

    Is Kershaw ready? Can Parra duplicate his minor league success? Can Fuentes be as good as most of us think he will be away from Coors? Can Heath Bell replace a GOAT? Can Lakey or Felix stay healthy? Can Derrek Lee stay healthy? Is Wieters as good as advertised? How long will is take this rookie backstop to acclimate and then how long til he hits a wall? Can Maybin be a good pro? Does Torii have another all-star season in him?

    Depending on how many of these answers are positive, Trav could be lethal or he could shift his focus to dominating his own league.

  2. NPS said

    Wieters IS as good as advertised. Maybin probably isnt ready, but he wont need him. I kind of feel that Hunter is going to start to struggle this year with his game, I think he is starting in to decline, just my opinion. Derek Lee is a really interesting player, I thought about taking him right about the time you got him. He’s got KING FELIX on his team, enough said.

  3. Anonymous said

    Now here’s a team that will go all the way. It’s almost too solid to fail. There is no way this team is dropping out of a Top-3.

  4. ESA said

    who leaves anonymous comments? Unmask yourself!

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