C Jorge Posada
SS José Reyes
1B Ryan Howard
3B/2B/SS Alexei Ramírez
3B/1B Garrett Atkins
OF B.J. Upton
OF Jason Bay
OF Jayson Werth
OF Brad Hawpe
OF Nelson Cruz
OF Hunter Pence
OF Fred Lewis
2B/SS/OF Jerry Hairston Jr.
2B/3B Chone Figgins
1B James Loney
SP Cole Hamels
SP Ervin Santana
SP Jon Lester
SP Aaron Harang
SP Gavin Floyd
SP Fausto Carmona
RP Jonathan Broxton
RP Brad Lidge
RP Matt Lindstrom

4 Responses to “TREKKIE - TJERS”

  1. ESA said

    First of all: Posada is back.

    He’ll be an All-Star again this year.

    Tyson’s infield is bananas. Like many of you have no doubt read from Fantasy Experts, Howard’s average can’t possibly be as bad this year as it was last. And if it is… who cares? You draft Howard knowing his average and K’s will kill you. Jose doesn’t need to worry about Billy Wagner’s idiot mouth saying the wrong thing at the wrong time this year. And Jason Bay was all shades of good after moving to Beantown. The Law won’t like it, but Bay will probably return to numbers from his rookie campaign.

    here are non-household names that will carry Tyson:
    Alexei Ramirez
    Garret Atkins
    Jayson Werth
    Brad Hawpe

    I know TJ loves Fred Lewis, and tho I’m not super high on him, I’ll admit that he’s got wheels and will get plenty of opps to use em.

    I’m also not super high on TJ’s staff. Obviously Cole is about to cement his status as the Ace of the National League. Probably better than Webb or Lincecum this year.

    I’m just not going to mention his bullpen and pretend that I didn’t see them or forgot to analyze them, so that I don’t have to tell him that I think they are terrible.

    …oh wait, shit!

  2. NPS said

    TJ’s got a good squad. I don’t think Nelson Cruz is any good, but he’ll just bench him and it won’t matter. I’m not really on the Jorge bandwagon the way Esa is, but he will be better than league average production from catcher.

  3. ESA said

    TJers, I wasn’t joking. I do think your squad is pretty ill with the bats.

    If you’re not just using reverse psychology, and really don’t like them then I want Alexei Ramirez, Jason Bay, and Hunter Pence.

  4. Anonymous said

    This team I am indifferent toward. There are a lot of batting options to choose from but that may also be a drawback. The pitching has possibilities though. It could all just go either way.

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