C Joe Mauer
1B Justin Morneau
1B/2B José López
SS/3B Michael Young
3B Kevin Youkilis
SS J.J. Hardy
1B/OF Conor Jackson
OF Josh Hamilton
OF Raúl Ibañez
OF Willy Taveras
OF Andre Ethier
2B Freddy Sánchez
3B Melvin Mora
3B Adrián Béltre
2B/SS/3B Marco Scutaro
C Bengie Molina
2B/SS/3B/OF Felipe López
SP Cliff Lee
SP Hong-Chih Kuo
SP Joe Saunders
SP John Danks
SP Edinson Vólquez
RP Joe Nathan
RP Francisco Cordero

4 Responses to “TROUBLE - LeMARTIN”

  1. Anonymous said

    This team has more trouble than with tribbles. A back up catcher? That’s fairly ludicrous. That batting lineup doesn’t seem very promising at all. I don’t expect this team to leave the bottom of any league.

  2. Michael said

    SUCK IT ANONYMOUS, I don’t watch baseball, I don’t play Fantasy Baseball, but I drafted the team. If the manager wants to drop my 22nd round pick of a backup catcher then he can. At least post your name if you are going to talk trash.

  3. martin said

    at least when Mauer isnt playing I have Bengie to play who you got Mr.Chickenshit wont post my name? And who cares if the team sucks that will make it all the sweeter when I kick your ass that is if your man enough to fess up.

  4. ESA said

    Hamilton, Ethier, Ibanez are about as good as a 3-man outfield can get. Tavarez adds excellent 1-category dominance. He actually put the bat on a ball pretty good so far in the WBC. It isn’t even as though batting in the DR’s line-up is as easy as it sounded it would be 3 years ago. He’s just hitting well…

    If Cliff Lee can prove last year wasn’t flukey, you can pair him with Edinson Volquez and spot start your way to plenty of pitching category wins. Nathan will contribute to your percentage #’s, but Cordero is kinda bunk, so Nathan is going to have to win saves by hisself, so saves are going to be a lost cause here.

    Overall I feel like if you had all these names on your draft results 2 years ago, then you’d be graded high:

    JJ Hardy, Michael Young, Beltre, Freddy Sanchez.

    That means they were at one time considered valuable prospects. Pair that with Morneau, Mauer (if his back is healthy), Youk, Conor Jackson, and the aforementioned OF… not as bad as anonymous thinks. Just not as much as a 100% certain thing as everyone else’s teams………….. *awkwardly looks around* ………wait, everyone else’s team is 100% certain to deliver because fantasy “experts” projected some of our guys higher, right?

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