C Geovany Soto
1B Adrián González
2B Dan Uggla
SS Hanley Ramírez
1B/3B Jorge Cantú
OF Manny Ramírez
OF Carlos Beltrán
OF Shin-Soo Choo
OF Delmon Young
OF Ryan Ludwick
OF Johnny Damon
C/3B/1B Pablo Sandoval
3B Mark Reynolds
3B Alex Gordon
SP James Shields
SP Scott Baker
SP Ryan Dempster
SP Matt Garza
SP Shaun Marcum
SP Francisco Liriano
RP Mariano Rivera
RP Carlos Mármol
RP Kevin Gregg
RP Grant Balfour

3 Responses to “WHOOPI GOLDBERG - RUDY”

  1. ESA said

    Rudy put together a silky team, not even taking into account that he made several reaches for players that he wanted instead of players that were ranked highly.

    Good handcuff of Marmol and Gregg. If Rudy hadn’t gotten Gregg also, you’d have to slightly downgrade Marmol. But as it is, no matter who ends up closing in Chicago between these two, they both still have value. Love Mariano and his 1 pitch arsenal. I’m lukewarm on Liriano. I think I’m still burning because I drafted him high last year and he was shit for the first half. But Big Game James and his big hook, Dempster, Baker, Garza, and Marcum are the best set of nobodies in this league.

    In real life you gotta love Florida’s offense. So by default, you gotta love Rudy’s offense as he has Florida’s main guys. Sandoval provides Brandon Inge-like flexibility with more upside. I’m with Martin, Reynolds is scary bad with his batting eye. Ludwick, Beltran, Manny, and Damon are a very consistent outfield. Probably the best slugging top-3 outfielders on the Starship Enterprise.

    Adrian Gonzalez may well have been a reach, but Geo Soto was extra discount priced where Rudy got him. I don’t think the Cubbies signal caller has the plague, but I’ll look into that.

  2. NPS said

    I like Rudy’s team, he just valued pitching a little more than I did, we’ll see how it works out. Other than that, I think Ludwick comes back down from this year, and we’ll see if Manny is ready to go. Other than that, Rudy has a squad. He benefited from two potential mistakes i made with AROD over Hanley and Granderson over Beltran.

  3. Anonymous said

    It is almost as if this manager ate some wheat germ, drank some prune juice and shat out the perceived league champion. I only wonder where he drafted some of these players to know if he might get some bang for his buck.

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